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This is a powerful wish fulfilling mantra of Lord Shiva that I am presenting in this article as I noticed that most websites are asking for money to provide this wish fulfilling mantra of the lord. Hope this helps you.

Lord Shiva is the highest yogi and one of the main trinity of the Hindu religion. He is the one who is always pure and un affected by any Gunas – Rajas, Tamas or Sattwa – as he is beyond the Gunas. He is seen seated in bliss (sat-chit-ananda) with his eyes semi closed in meditation.

Unlike other deities – Lord Shiva is known to be easily pleased and an ocean of mercy, which is one reason why I am giving this wish fulfilling mantra of the Lord Shiva, because its easy to do and its not much tough to please him.

The name Shiva also denotes auspiciousness and the highest perfection attainable. He is the one who has conquered “death” and the lord of immortality. The very name of Shiva – if recited – is known to remove all sins and karmas – cleansing any imbalances and rejuvenating the mind, body and the atman (soul) in the process.

Along with a giving a great power to heal – the Shiva mantra I am presenting in this article today will also help fulfill any desire of yours – be it material desire or a purely spiritual desire.

A Powerful Wish Fulfilling Mantra of Lord Shiva

This is the Rudra mantra of Lord Shiva to fulfill any desire that I am mentioning below. I am mentioning the Shiva mantra to fulfill any desire in Hindi also, so it can help those of you who are not that conversant in the English language.

” ॐ नमो भगवते रूद्राय || ”

” Om Namo Bhagwate Rudraaye || ”

Way to Chant the Rudra Mantra of Shiva to Fulfill Desires

  1. Get up at sunrise, take a bath, wear clean clothes and start chanting the mantra for up to 108 time daily.
  2. You can chant the wish fulfilling mantra of Shiva in front of the deity at your altar.
  3. Lord Shiva loves the Swet pushpa flower and Kala til – so do offer him these if you have them around.
  4. Auspicious times to start the Shiva mantra are any Subha nakshatra , Subha tithis , Chandramavaali , Shiva Vash and Shiv Ratri nights. ( Refer to any Hindu festival calendar to get the exact dates )
  5. Increase the japa – count with time for the most effect.

The mantra of lord Shiva can be chanted for a count of 1 25,000 times to get Siddhi and fulfillment of every desire. This is one of the most powerful wish fulfilling mantra of Lord Shiva.

You can also use a Rudraksh rosary or mala to do the japa for faster success. If you do not have one already then you can get one online quite cheap.

I am providing a link to a rosary mala below – in case you wish to use the Rudraksh mala in your meditation practices. Here is the link to the discounted rosary, in case you, are looking to get one. ( Divya Shakti – Rudraksh Japa Mala Rosary )

8 Powerful Benefits of Chanting the Shiva Wish Fulfilling Mantra

The benefits of chanting the Shiva mantras are many. Some of them are as below.

  1. Helps cleanse the body, mind and soul from negatives and bad karmas.
  2. Rejuvenates the mind and body – do away with any anxiety and depression problems.
  3. Offers all round protection – from planets and negative energies – black magic etc.
  4. Helps create all round success, abundance and prosperity in life.
  5. Make the mind strong and gives extreme energy.
  6. Fulfills all desires – material and spiritual.
  7. Destroys all fear.
  8. Dissolves all sorrow present in life.

That is it for today.

You can start this mantra from a Monday or the Shiva Ratri too if your desire is that. You cannot use this mantra for any malefic desires.

Do let me know how this wish fulfilling mantra of Shiva goes with you and do not forget to share your experiences through the comments section below.

Love and light to you all!


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A Wish Fulfilling Mantra of Lord Shiva To Fulfill Any Desire
A Wish Fulfilling Mantra of Lord Shiva To Fulfill Any Desire
This is a powerful wish fulfilling mantra of Lord Shiva which can be used to get what you desire or fulfill your wishes.
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