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Sun is the source of life for all of us. He is the supreme being of the Vedas and the supreme being of light. This Surya Gayatri mantra is dedicated to Surya (the Sun god) and if chanted properly with devotion will help you attain peace, love and abundances of every kind.

The Sun God is also known as Surya Narayana and worshiped by the Hindus for ages who consider him to be the supreme deity of light, love and life. Lord Surya bless the one who worships him with wealth, grandeur, prosperity, recognition, fame and good health.

As the dawn scatters that obscurity of the universes, so does Surya extinguishes the murkiness of lack of awareness and offers the highest knowledge to the one who devotes to him faithfully. He is said to be the encapsulation of the highest of virtues and the Guru of Lord Hanuman. The very famous Gayatri Mantra is also dedicated to the Sun god.

In India it is still a common sight in the morning – to see people offering water to the Sun god standing in a river or flowing stream. This is done in reverence of the Sun and is a primary form of Sun worship seen across the sub continent.

Surya Gayatri Mantra ( and other mantras of Surya)

The Surya Gayatri mantra helps appease the sun god. If this mantra is chanted each day with full fixation, it helps produce positive vitality and all round endowments.

The mantra has the power to reinforce your body, purge your brain and elevate you profoundly. It also helps negate all the ruinous impacts of the planet Sun in your zodiac.

Along with the above, the Sun Gayatri mantra makes one fearless, self confident and strong in nature. Chanting this mantra additionally enhances one’s visual perception and recuperates any eye related sicknesses.

I have come across two forms of the Surya Gayatri mantra and I am putting them below for your reference.

” Om Bhaskarya Vidhmahe Mahadyutikarya Dheemahi Tanno Aditya Prachodayat “

” Om Sapta Turangay Vidmahe Sahasra Kirnaye Dhimahi Tanno Ravi Prachodayyat “

Meaning of the Sun Gayatri Mantra

“Om, let me meditate on the virtues of the great Sun God, who is the maker of the day, may he bless me with a higher intellect, may he – the Sun God help illuminate my mind.”

Else than these two Sun mantras there are several Surya Mantras outlined in the Vedic Hindu scriptures as I have noticed. Almost everyone of these sun mantras have more or less same benefits. Which Surya mantra you choose to chant will depend on you. I suggest you chant the one, which is easier for you to pronounce.

Benefits of Surya Mantras

  • You will be invigorated and feel more connected spiritually. This will also help provide relief from the negative effects of Surya on your horoscope (if any).
  •  Your life will be filled with riches, health, splendor and all round wealth.
  • Chanting Surya mantras properly will restore your eye sight and vision and also do away with skin disorders.
  • You will become optimistic and happier in life.
  • Fears, depressions and mental anxieties will go away from life.
  • Your outlook will become sattvic, you will help those below you and feel satisfied to help.
  • Your mind will become stable, firm yet calm.

How to chant the Surya mantras properly

  1. Start chanting the Sun mantra from the Sunday on-wards as Sunday is the day of the Sun god. Better to start before the Sunrise time. The time from April 12th to 23rd is also a great time for doing the Sun mantras.
  2. Take a bath and wear clean white clothes.
  3. Light an incense and offer some fresh flowers to the deity.
  4. Face the true East direction while chanting the mantras for the maximum benefits.
  5. If you are using a Mala or Rosary – chanting a minimum of one rosary or 108 times – every time will be okay.
  6. Eat sattvic food on Sundays. Stay away from foods such as Masoor Ki Dal or Split Red Lentils, Onions, Garlics, meats or fishes of any kind to please the Sun god.

If you are an ambitious person or anyone with an intention to create a lot of wealth and all round abundance for yourself then start chanting the Sun Gayatri mantra today – as this mantra has the power to fulfill all your wishes, however tough they may appear to you.

A Mantra Chant Audio / Video of the Surya Gayatri Mantra 

Here is a beautiful rendition of Surya mantras on Youtube that i found while browsing several months back, you can all listen to this beautiful track below.

That is it for today.

Feel free to share your experience regarding the Surya Gayatri mantra below and like our Facebook page. Feel free to share the mantra with others to help them too.

Have a good day wherever you are!

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