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There are various types of mantras which you can use to destroy your enemies effectively be it in profession or relationships. Here are 4 such Stambhan mantras to stop your enemy on track.

What is a Stambhan Mantra?

Stambhan mantras are specific types of mantras which are used to stop someone from acting out their malefic intent on you or stop any hex or magick which have being cast on you or your family by someone. Stambhan mantras can be effectively used to get success or protection in the various situations life presents to you.

In this article today, I have mentioned 4 such Stambhan mantras which you can use to stop or curb any attack from your adversaries. As previously said, these mantras have the power to immobilize the one trying to act against you or have a malefic intent against your life.

4 Stambhan Mantras To Stop Enemy (Mantras to immobilize Enemies )

The Stambhan mantras given below are all examples of such mantras and can be used to effectively stop any enemy you have from hurting or harming you.

Here is a list of 4 Stambhan Mantras

Stambhan Mantra 1

Om Va Va Va Ha Ha Gha Th Th ll

ॐ वं वं वं हं हं घां ठं ठं ll

How to use the above Stambhan mantra? 

To attain Siddhi the above stambhan mantra has to be recited for 1000 times starting from Sunday or a Tuesday. After attaining Siddhi whenever you wish to use it to stop your enemies, you have to Abhimintrit [bind by the mantra] a few black Sesame ( til ) seeds, while holding the black Sesame seeds in your hand and reciting this mantra 21 times to take effect on that person. After doing this you have to throw the black Sesame seeds on the body of the enemy you wish to stop.

2. Stambhan Mantra 2 


Om namo bhagwate vishwamitraya namaha
Sarvaamukhibhyam vishwamitragyamatiagachh swahaa ll


ॐ नमो भगवते विश्वामित्राय नम:
सर्वमुखीभ्यां विश्वामित्राज्ञामतिआगच्छ स्वाहा ll

How to use the above Stambhan mantra? 

This is an Aghori protection mantra from the Rudrayamala Tantra book.  I did not find anything substantial regarding the procedures of using this stambhan mantra. There is also no such particular regimen while chanting this Stambhan mantra thus you can use this mantra as and when you require to use it. This stambhan mantra can be used by anyone irrespective of their gender.

This above Stambhan mantra has to be recited for hundred and eight times ( 108 times) taking the name of your enemy. It has been stated that the use of this mantra to stop or destroy enemies will actually be effective in destroying the enemies intellect to a great extent.

3.  Stambhan Mantra 3

Om Namo Digambaraya Amukasya Aasan Stambh Kurukuru Swaha ll

ॐ नमो दिगम्बराय अमुकस्य आसनं स्तंभ कुरुकुरु स्वाहा ll

How to use the above Stambhan mantra? 

The Sadhana to attain Siddhi of the mantra has to be done in a Graveyard by reciting this mantra 1008 times and offering an Ahuti [offering] of salt while reciting this mantra. Doing this will stop your enemy in his tracks and immobilize all his activities against you.

4. Stambhan Mantra 4

Afal,Afal,Afal Dushmanke Muha Kuluf Mere Haath Kunji Rupya Todkar Dushman Ko Jer Kar ll

अफल, अफल, अफल दुष्मनके मुंह कुलुफ मेरे हाथ कुंजी रुपया तोड़कर दुष्मन को जर कर ll

How to use the above Stambhan mantra? 

The procedure should be started from a Saturday. Start and recite this mantra for 1000 times, and perform a Havan [a Vedic ritual where offerings are made to fire, which is one of the Five Elements] of incense has to be offered while reciting this mantra.

Repeat the process for seven days to attain the desired Siddhi on the mantra. Once you receive siddi on it,  whenever you wish to use the mantra, it should be recited 108 times in the morning.

If you are performing this to win law suits in your favor then remember to scatter / blow the sacred ashes from the ritual havan towards the oposing enemy to defeat them.

Do note that as an author for this article, I do not personally advocate use of such mantras against anyone.

Well, this is it for today.

Feel free to share your experience regarding this mantra and how it has helped you using the comment section below.

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Love, light and peace to all!


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4 Stambhan Mantras To Destroy Enemy ( Mantras to defeat enemy )
4 Stambhan Mantras To Destroy Enemy ( Mantras to defeat enemy )
There are various stambhan mantras which can be used to destroy enemies or to stop your enemies on track. Here in this article are 4 such stambhan mantras to destroy your enemies.
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