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We all know how trees help create oxygen from the accumulated carbon dioxides but were you aware of a trees miraculous healing powers? This article take a look into how trees can help one to heal completely.

Not just humans, but all kinds of faunas have used trees and herbs successfully to heal themselves of suffering and injuries. The Indian Vedic texts on the subject of Ayurveda is a testimony to the great healing power of herbs and trees, which through the centuries was forgotten by the majority.

Some of you who are energy sensitive or into yoga and meditation already feel and sense the massive energy footprints trees have and it is their pranic energy that can greatly heal and nourish you.

The roots of trees dig deep into Earth, the deeper their roots, the higher they rise to the skies. They absorb the energy of the Earth as well as the universal force of the sky.

In my journey towards the truth, I became aware of spiritual seekers, energy healers, saints and people who knew this secret and spent some time daily in the vicinity of the trees healing themselves and their hearts.

Trees have always been considered by shamans, healers and energy researchers alike as advanced spiritual beings because of their constant meditation with the different kinds of subtle energies.

How Trees Can Help You Heal Yourself ( Hidden Secrets of Nature )

The big trees such as the Sal, Willow, Deodar and pine trees have the most healing energies and are known to radiate massive levels of prana energy which can help you by nourishing your blood, strengthening your central nervous system, give a sense of stability and bliss and extend bodily longevity.

The Pine tree is considered to be an “immortal tree” a reason why the ancient Chinese people adored and respected them, wrote poetry and created paintings. There are, however, other trees too. Look out for the bigger ones because they have the maximum prana energy around them while those trees that sit up near the streams are also good for this purpose.

It should be noted that different varieties of trees have different healing characteristic to them.While some are warmer in their energy, the others are colder. You will be able to distinguish each species and their unique energy once you start to spend some time with them daily.

The key here is to build a trustworthy relation with a tree over time by visiting the same tree everyday, giving time to the tree. Yes, because trees are fully alive, capable and functioning on all levels and can have a great deal of knowledge in them that can be accessed by the one who has acquainted himself with it or the one who is aware of it.

Trees are no less than the saints and yogis who give their live in saving the others and any person of knowledge will tell you how sacred and powerful beings they are. Trees are known to communicate with the one who has won their trust or they have developed a bond with.

Thus it becomes important to create a loving relationship with a tree and give them time before approaching healing and asking for its help. You can establish a relationship with trees so long as you understand their language and they can help you open up your energy channels to cultivate inner bliss and vitality.

Just as they can heal you, trees can also benefit from your presence near them and you can help them even more by eliminating their energy blocks and devitalized portions. Like any other relationships, you benefit from each other by the constant cultivation of your connection.

How to heal yourself

You can create a silent communion rite with the tree that is understood by both of you and the tree. But first, you must see the personality of the tree and its life. There are trees that are very generous and quickly give you the energy you need.

Other trees are weak or ill and need your healing energy first. Some are friendly while some are plain indifferent depending on their energy.

You can work with all of them to find which tree works best with you. Be open and give them your respect without pushing them too hard to bend to your purpose.

The most important thing when establishing a connection is to be near to that specific tree so you can touch it, hug it, love it, play with it and to open yourself up completely by taking about things you would do with a friend or a loved one near the tree.

Building a relationship with trees and flora takes a longer time than with animals or humans but it is fully worth the time.

Remember you have to be clean in your intent and your desire to form a loving relationship with the tree as they can feel your changing energy patterns and will sense if you are untrue and have some discord in your heart.

To start with, spending around 15 to 30 minutes a day around the tree is enough although the more the better. Just like with human beings, some trees might respond faster compared to the others.

Show a sense of love, gratitude, friendship and touch the tree naturally as you would with a pet. By returning back to the same tree everyday, you are likely to begin your lasting friendship with it.

Activities you can do while you are around a tree can include activities like 1. Tree Hugging, 2. Sitting facing the tree, 3. Meditation near the tree, 4. Standing facing the tree or even 5. Sleeping near or around them.

 How The Healing Procedure Starts

Once you become regular in visiting a tree, it will soon start to expect you and can even miss your presence if you stop returning. When you finally establish that communion, you don’t need to control the situation. Just allow yourself to relax and melt in that communion.

Allow the tree to guide you to your healing. It might remedy your issue or it might give you intuitive guidance as how to find additional help. If nothing else, it will heal the spiritual aspect of your problem.

“In the country of Japan, people vigorously practice the concept of ‘forest bathing’, where they spend quiet time absorbing the wisdom of ancient trees and forests often taking long walks among the trees to stimulate their immune system.

In the Taoism tradition, its students are strongly encouraged to meditate among trees as the trees will help them by absorb negative energies protecting and replacing them with healthy vital energies helping them fast forward their meditation goals.


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How Trees Can Help You Heal Yourself ( Hidden Secrets of Nature )
How Trees Can Help You Heal Yourself ( Hidden Secrets of Nature )
Trees not only help create oxygen but have miraculous healing powers. This article take a look into how trees can help one to heal completely.
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