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In this article today, I am putting up the Shiva Shakti mantra. This is a wonderful mantra which can be used to attain good health and all round success in life.

Lord Shiva is the pure one and he is always in perfect communion with Shakti. This enables and empowers the Lord to create the world and universes. Without the power of the primal Shakti – Lord Shiva is inert.

The nature of Shiva is inert, formless, limitless, transcendent, and ever unchanging. He is beyond death and the three Gunas. His consort is Parvati the manifestation of the eternal primal cosmic energy or Shakti itself.  She is the supreme power which creates, sustains and withdraws the universe.

Shiva Shakti Mantra

Shiva Shakti Mantra

Shiva is the unchanging Consciousness, and Shakti is its changing power appearing as mind and matter. Shiva-Shakti is therefore Consciousness and Its Power. This then is the doctrine of dual aspects of the one Brahman acting through Its Trinity of Powers (Iccha- Will; Jñana – Knowledge; Kriya – Action).

In the static transcendent aspect (Shiva) the one Brahman does not change and in the kinetic immanent aspect (Shivé or Shakti) it does. There is thus changeless-ness in change. The individual or embodied Spirit (Jivatma) is one with the transcendent spirit (Paramatma).

The former is a part (Amsha) of the latter, and the enveloping mind and body are manifestations of Supreme Power. Shakta Darshana is therefore a form of Monism (Advaitavada). In creation an effect is produced without change in the Producer. In creation the Power (Shakti) “goes forth” (Prasharati) in a series of emanations or transformations, which are called, in the Shaiva and Shakta Tantras, the 36 Tattvas.

These mark the various stages through which Shiva, the Supreme Consciousness, as Shakti, presents Itself as object to Itself as subject, the latter at first experiencing the former as part of the Self, and then through the operations of Maya Shakti as different from the Self.

This is the final stage in which every Self (Purusha) is mutually exclusive of every other. Maya, which achieves this, is one of the Powers of the Mother or Devi.

Calling on the supreme Lord Shiva is known to remove fears, negative karmas, health problems, poverty of all sorts and helps to uplift the mind to that of the highest attainable virtues. He gives abundance, prosperity and all round happiness to the aspirant.

On the other hand – praying on Parvati or Shakti – the eternal divine mother helps to nourish, rejuvenate the mind and body, give bliss, protection from unknown dangers from life, from diseases and decay, and gives fertility, success, abundance and many more.

Lets now check out the Shiva Shakti mantra below. This Shiva Shakti mantra is also known to fulfill every desire in the heart and surround you with a strong protective energy at all times.

Shiva Shakti Mantra For Good Health And Success

“Om Saarve Mangal Manglaye Shivaye Sarvaarth Sadhike

Sharanye Trayaambake Gauri Narayaani Namo stute || ”

Meaning of the Shiva Shakti Mantra

The meaning of the Shiva Shakti mantra in English is – I pray to you – the divine couple Shiva and Shakti – the creator, nourisher and protector of the entire universe along with Brahma and Narayana ( Vishnu). I pray to you for good health, well being, abundance and enlightenment.

How many times to chant the Shiva Shakti Mantra

There is no fixed number of times that you have to chant the Shiva Shakti mantra. You can do the Japa or chant for the mantra for any amount of times you feel good. The more the better.

That is it for today.

Hope this mantra helps you get everything you ever desired – out of life. Do let me know how this mantra goes with you and do not forget to share your experience below.

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Shiva Shakti Mantra For Good Health And All Round Success
Shiva Shakti Mantra For Good Health And All Round Success
The consort of Lord Shiva is Shakti or Parvati and Shiva is in eternal union with her. This is the Shiva Shakti mantra for good health and success.
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