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Smoking as you already know by now, causes major damages over time to your lungs and overall health leading to cancer, heart disease and other serious health issues over time. In this article I will be mentioning a paranormal Indian remedy to quit smoking and addiction.

It was noted in research – that most of the smokers begin smoking during adolescence. During the early stages, a combination of perceived pleasure and desire to respond to social peer pressure kept these people going.

After an individual has smoked for a few years – it is mainly to avoid any withdrawal symptoms and negative reinforcement that makes them unable to leave smoking in general.

If you are struggling hard to leave smoking then this simple spiritual remedy to quit smoking can help you achieve your objective quite fast as the book says. I got this remedy from one of the several Indian tantra and spiritual mantra books that I had bought on my trip to Kamaksha temple this year.

Although I have not personally tested this Indian remedy to quit smoking but still you can try for yourself to see whether it works.

As with any spiritual mantras if you wish to try this mantra remedy then you are advised to do it with some dedication for to see the best effects.

Simple Remedy To Quit Smoking

  1. Start this procedure during the time of the Shatabisha Nakshatra ( 24th Nakshatra in Hindu Astronomy ) which starts and ends in 6-40′ to 20-00′ Aquarius
  2. Break off a 9 inch stick from the Betel Plant ( Or Paan plant ) and throw it inside the house of the smoking addict for this paranormal Indian remedy to work.
  3. When I say break off the stick – it means you have to break it off from the Betel or paan plant – do not use one which has already fallen from the plant or this simple Indian remedy to quit smoking won’t work.

This is all you have to do for this simple Indian spiritual remedy to work. This ritual above will help break the spells and make you quit smoking and tobacco addiction.

You can try this relatively simple remedy with additional herbs to quit smoking effectively and do let me know in the comments section – how well it goes with you.

Feel free to share your experience with this mantra below in the comments section.


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A Mantra To Quit Smoking Addiction ( Helps to stop smoking )
A Mantra To Quit Smoking Addiction ( Helps to stop smoking )
For those smokers out there who wish to leave smoking but cannot. here is an Eastern spiritual remedy to leave smoking and tobacco addiction.
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