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Although much has been said about the number 8 in recent times regarding how unfortunate this number can get, my study in this subject has led me to believe otherwise. In this article we will talk briefly about the numerology number 8 and the characteristics of people born in the lifepath number of eight.

People with their life path number of 8 have the vibrations of the number 8 with them. This number and life path is ruled by Lord Shani (  or Saturn ) who is a great teacher. The number 8

The symbolism of the number 8 is that of “infinity” subtly indicating the infinite power of our emotional divine energy. This number represents “wealth and abundance, ambition and justice among other things.

Number 8 in Numerology as a Lifepath Number

People with the life path number of 8 are dedicated, resilient, high spirited, stable minded, emotionally strong people with lofty ideals and choices in life. The ones who have still not found themselves or have awakened, may give off “the impression of confusion” to the others around often making people around them confused about their deeper true intentions which they like to hide from this world.

Being a high order number, this number along with the number 9 is “incredibly spiritual” although the individual may not be aware of it till later in life when certain natural circumstances / coincidences lead the individual within.

Many with this life path number are seen to spend their life alone or with very less friends. This happens mostly due to their comparatively superior worldly knowledge than the others around them.

The number 8 vibration lends a thoughtful and deep personality to the ones under this life path. Souls with this life path are often naive in their childhoods and are all giving in nature but sadly they might have to face deep emotional traumas and abuse from their home and surroundings till they reach the age of twenty nine years after which things are seen to improve.

This is because Shani takes about 29.45 years to complete one rotation around the sun, thus after that age, individuals with this lifepath number are seen to do much better in life.

If you are a life path 8 then you are an individual with a strong will. If true to a mission or a cause, those born under this life path number are known to use every means ( physical, spiritual, psychic etc ) to achieve their goals.

Those with this lifepath have a magnetic appearance and considered natural born leaders that others will look up with trust and faith. They have vast levels of emotional energies at store for them if they know how to direct it.

People with life path number 8, who have not yet fully awakened, are seen to have an extreme dualistic nature ie. they have a like for extremes of things. This is one reason why you will find some of the spiritually highest and some of the lowest being born under this life path number.

Those number 8s who have awakened within, are seen to contain a balanced, reserved and withdrawn nature that is much respected and loved by the others around.

The number 8 lends the one carrying it, the intense ability, to cut through maya or deceptions of all kinds and earn enlightenment of the higher or occult knowledge if so ever desired by these souls.

To reap all the spiritual and material abundance that the number 8 has in store, its important to direct your energy and focus to the “within” from “with-out”, then individuals with this life path number can reach the apex in whatever they so desire, be that material wealth, occult knowledge or even god realization.

Its all within their grasp in this life time. This is what makes this number so special and a boon to have for the ones who knows its magnificence.

Although feared by some astrologers, the number 8 is not a number to be scared of at all if you know how to use its powerful vibrations to your life’s advantage.

Keys to Abundance for Lifepath Number 8

Lord Shani is a great teacher and those that cultivate their spiritual side will find that their life is getting progressively easier and better with the blessing of Shani himself.

The true art of life for the life path number 8 is to transform any negative energies into positive higher ones which will help open their doorway to the wonders they never knew before could exist.

Activities such as caring for the old, caring for the naive and weak, feeding the poor and the meek, respecting other beings and opting a sattvic diet ( or a diet based on vegetables and fruits ) will turn many a bad fortune of this life path into that of a life of ever increasing joy and abundance where all possibilities co-exists.

Staying away from harmful vibration lowering drugs such as alcohol is another key point that should not be ignored if all the merits of this higher number has to be sought.

Individuals carrying the number 8 vibrations, who are suffering from any ill effects or dosha s of Shani are advised to stay away from the sun, they can stay in darker rooms away from sunlight as this will reduce intensity of the effects caused by Shani.

Healing crystals such as the Mookaite, Serpentine and Snowflake Obsidians can work wonders to the emotional and physical health of the lifepath number 8s.

Another way to cancel out any negative or unwanted effects of this vibration is to use the knowledge of numerology to change the vibration of your name to that of the number 5 ( example are names coming to that of 14,23,32,41,50, or 59 ).

Mantra to Cure Any Negative Effects of the Lord Shani

Use this Shani mantra everyday to receive the blessings of Shani dev and remove all negative effects caused by Shani. This is the Shani dhyaan mantra.

Nilanjana Sambhana
Raviputra Yamagrajham
Chaya Marthanda Sambhootam
Tham Namami Shanischaryaye

Lord Shani is a great devotee of Lord Shiva who is also the guru of the former. Thus praying to lord Shiva is another great way to open your life to spiritual and material abundances if you are a lifepath number 8.



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Number 8 in Numerology as a Lifepath Number ( Numerology Secrets )
Number 8 in Numerology as a Lifepath Number ( Numerology Secrets )
Know about the lifepath number 8 and the major characteristics of those born with a life path number 8.
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