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The Navarna mantra (Chandi mantra or Chamundaye mantra) is a powerful Tantric mantra dedicated to the Goddess Durga ( Chamunda Devi ). Chanting the Navarna mantra mentioned here will give good health, abundance, fame, protection from evil and a happier life.

The Navarna mantra, Chandi mantra and the Chamunda mantra are all same. Chamunda, also known as Varahi mata – happens to be a fierce aspect of the feminine form of the goddess and one of the chief yoginis ( attendents ) of the warrior goddess Durga. The name Chamunda is derived from the two asuras – Chanda and Munda whom the Devi Chamunda had killed.

Navarna Mantra - Chamundaye Mantra - Chandi Mantra

Navarna Mantra – Chamundaye Mantra – Chandi Mantra

The Navarna Mantra is the root mantra of the Chandi Path.  Among the many mantras applied to the worship of the eternal Brahman and the Shakti principle – two are pre-eminent – ie. the Navarna mantra and the SaptaSati mantra.

Navarna Mantra For Good Health, Protection, Abundance and Fame

“Aum aim hrim krim chamundaye viche || ”

The navarna mantra consists of the following syllables – ” Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicche “. Like several other types of Tantric mantras available – the Navarna mantra doesn’t mean anything in the conventional semantic sense which is why it invites symbolic interpretation.

I have tried to explain the meaning of the Navarna mantra / Chamunda mantra / Chandi mantra below for you.

Meaning of the Navarna Mantra or the Chamundaye Mantra?

Aim – This is the beej mantra of Maha Saraswati – (the Goddess of learning and creation) representing all the conscious creations in the universe.
Hrim – This is the beej mantra of Maha Lakshmi – (the Goddess who gives eight forms of wealth to the one who devotes to her) – representing the circumstance.
Krim – This is the beej mantra of Maha Kali – (the goddess of time – Kala and death) – representing dissolution of creation.
Chamunda – This is Devi Chamundaye – the slayer of the instabilities of our mind – such as passion and anger, hatred, false egos.
Chamundayai in one sense means to move into the paradigm of reality – Not the current reality we know about – but the reality above all the false realities.
Vi  from Vicche – This means the Sam Vit or everything which is knowable and Che denotes the underlying consciousness (Chetana).
The Navarna mantra ( Chandi Mantra or also called as the Chamundaye mantra) is created in such a way that it helps invoke all the three distinct energies of the Devi together. Thus it can be said that by chanting the Navarna mantra in our life – in a way we are calling upon all the three goddesses to come and help us spiritually, mentally and physically in life.

3 Ways To Chant The Navarna mantra or the Chandi Mantra

The mantra can be chanted in either of the three ways – whichever way you are comfortable. One way to chant the Navarna mantra is “Sabda” or chanting it aloud. The second way the mantra can be chanted is “Pumsah” or mouthing the words – in such a way that hardly any sound is generated. The third way to chant the Navarna mantra is “Manas” or mentally.

Best Time To Chant The Navarna Mantra or the Chandi Mantra?

The chanting of the Navarna mantra – Chandi mantra – Chamundaye mantra can be started at any time but the best time to chant the Navarna mantra is the 1st day of Ashtami or Nav Ratri which also happens to be the 8th day from the new moon day.

You can refer to a Hindu calendar for more details about the specific time.

How Many Times To Chant The Navarna Mantra or the Chandi mantra?

Since this is a mantra containing beej mantras – its best adviced not to chant these mantras for a high number of times – as they contain a greater amount of power in them (and can suddenly raise the Kundalini) compared to the non beeja mantras which might be unsafe for some.

So its better to start chanting the Navarna mantra in counts of 9 – such as 9, 18, 36 to a maximum of 108 times daily   seems to be okay at the start. Then it can be exceeded gradually as per the chanters comfort zone.

Should I use a Rosary to do the japa of the Navarna mantra or do the Japa with my fingers?

The mantra japa and counting can be done simply with your fingers, but if you are trying to use a rosary to chant the Navarna mantra – then its best to use a Kamal Ki Gatthri ( Lotus Seed Mala – Rosary ) or a Crystal          (Sphatik) beads rosary for a faster road to success.

If you do not already have a Lotus Beads Rosary or a Sphatik Mala – then you can get it cheap online from Amazon India – I have created the links below to save your time.

Some people ask which one is better during mantra japa – counting with fingers or with a rosary – The answer is – just anything you are comfortable with is okay – although it is also true that using a special rosary for a particular type of mantra has been seen to provide more benefit and a faster success.

There are several types of rosaries available – choose the right one that you need with the mantra. For example with a Maha Laxmi mantra its generally good to use a Lotus Bead Rosary (Kamal Ki Gatthri Mala).

Benefits of Chanting Navarna Mantra ( Chandi Mantra or Chamunda Mantra )

There are several positive benefits of chanting the Navarna mantra – Chandi mantra – Chamundaye mantra.

  1. Chanting the mantra helps to clean up the problems and hurdles of your life.
  2. Creates wealth and abundance all around you.
  3. The mantra helps in getting name and fame in the world.
  4. Helps to get good health and stay away from diseases.
  5. Creates a sense of pure bliss and joy in the chanter.
  6. Evil or negative energies cannot come closer to the one who chants the mantra.
  7. Gives the chanter tremendous willpower and confidence.
  8. Astrologically – no planet in the chanters horoscope will be able to do any harm. That is – any negative effects from the horoscope – will be nullified by chanting this mantra.
  9. Enemies will fail to do any harm on the one who recites the Chandi mantra with love and dedication.


That is it for now.

Feel free to share your experience regarding this chant and the mantra and how it has helped you using the comment section below.

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Love, light and peace to all!


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Navarna Mantra For Good Health, Protection, Abundance and Fame
Navarna Mantra For Good Health, Protection, Abundance and Fame
The navarna mantra or Chandi mantra or Chamundaye mantra is a Tantric mantra known to give good health, abundance, fame and protection. Here is the Navarna mantra.
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