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Vashikaran mantras can be used to attract and bind the one you love to you or for controlling someone easily. It can be that you wish to control your boss who is harsh on you or is very dominating towards you. Whatever be the desire, this most powerful Muslim Vashikaran mantra can help you.

The Muslim Vashikaran mantra mentioned below in this page is very simple and easy to use and can be used by anyone. You can start with this vashikaran mantra from any auspicious day in the Muslim calendar.

Muslim Mantra For Vashikaran

The Most Powerful Muslim Vashikaran Mantra


Vashikaran Mantra ( Binding Spell )

Ya Laumaail Bihakki Ya Ain Ya Ajimo

Procedure For Using This Muslim Vashikaran Mantra

  1. Start by taking a bath and wearing clean clothes.
  2. Mix some Saffron with a little amount of water and create a semi dense liquid. You can buy Saffron in any good grocery shops near your home.
  3. Use a pointed wooden stick for writing and write on any white paper the mantra seven times using the saffron ink. ( See image below )
  4. Wait for the ink to dry.
  5. Then hold the paper where you have just written with your right hand and cover it with your left hand.
  6. Then with full dedication chant the above Muslim Vashikaran mantra for a minimum of one seventy times.
  7. Then once done – mix the paper in a glass of water and give it to the one whom you wish to control – to drink.
  8. Once the person drinks the water – he or she will come under powerful Vashikaran and do what you wish them to do.
Write this down seven times using the liquid - most powerful muslim vashikaran mantra 2

Write this down seven times on the paper

This Muslim Vashikaran mantra as mentioned above is quite simple and can be very effective in binding the person to your commands or make that special one fall in love with you.

Do let me know how it goes with you in the comments and if you have any questions then I will try to help you.

For this Muslim mantra for Vashikaran to be the most effective start this on any holy day as mentioned in the Muslim calendar. You can find Muslim calendars online or browse the link I have mentioned.

For Love matters you can also check out 2 more love vashikaran mantra articles that were written on this website.

You are advised to stay away from hurting others using such vashikaran mantra chants as the one highlighted on this page. Casting binding and attraction mantra spells such as this one with a malefic intention will stop you from yielding any good result.

I do not advise using such attraction spells and vashikaran mantras to control, manipulate or break up someone else from another relationship just for your selfish motives / happiness.

Feel free to share your experience regarding this Muslim vashikaran mantra below using the comment section.


Love, light and peace to all!


Have a good day!

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The Most Powerful Muslim Vashikaran Mantra For Controlling Anyone
The Most Powerful Muslim Vashikaran Mantra For Controlling Anyone
This article is on the most powerful Muslim Vashikaran mantra to make others fall in love with you or to just control someone such as your boss, friends etc
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