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This article is on the amazing spiritual and physical healing abilities of Copper that had been extensively used to this present day to treat many illnesses and provide powerful healing abilities to the body. This article will provide some light on this topic.

Copper is in no way your ordinary daily metal. This strange metal has been used across the ages by various cultures to sterilize water and heal a person from different diseases.

Copper Healing Secrets

After my research across quite a many source and observations that I had made in the last several years I have come to the conclusion similar as others about the magical healing properties of this divine material.

Copper has the ability to heal lung diseases, aches, migraines, cramps, liver detoxification, improves circulation of blood, assist those suffering from rheumatism, stabilizes body metabolism, reduces inflammations, body aches, treats zinc deficiency, nerves imbalances, stimulates hormonal production and assist the body in absorbing higher quantities of oxygen.

Now, absorbing higher quantities of oxygen in the body has several of its own major benefits such as slowing down ageing, improved brain functions, abilities to think faster, rapid healing of injuries and helps in detoxification.

Metaphysical Healing Benefits of Copper

Along with the physical healing benefits of copper, it is known to promote the bond in the family if used in homes, strengthens awareness, assists one to recognize the obstacles to healing, connects the physical and astral body to align the subtle bodies, inner vision, thoughts, communication, empathy, intensifies the effect of other stones and crystals, helps one to accept oneself, heals the mind and body based on the metal’s energy conducting properties,  removes lethargic tendencies, assists in the flow of prana, frees the wearer of anxieties, heal and reconnect the physical body, the mind and the over soul.

Many of you are aware of its excellent conducting abilities, the reason why, it is extensively used in electricity wires.

Energy Healers, Psychics, Shamans Use Copper

Copper is used by psychics, shamans and dowsing experts to detect, heal, balance and align with the different types of energies. Copper assists in the flow of higher divine energy to this dimension and thus are powerful cleansing and protection metals.

Copper can magnify the energies of other healing stones

If you wish to magnify the energy or intensity of other stones or a specific place, you can use copper to increase it.

Copper as a Good Luck Charm

Copper has the divine ability to cleanse, purify, heal, bring luck, love, motivation, protection and abundance to the one who keeps it near them or wears it on their body.

The Metal Copper as per Astrology

Copper has the element of water and its ruling planet is Venus. Its zodiacs are Taurus, Libra and Sagittarius. Anyone can wear them as I have never heard anyone having problem

Copper in Chakra Healing

Copper balances all the 7 chakras especially stabilizing and grounding the Muladhara Chakra and assists in opening the Anahata Chakra or the Heart Chakra.

Using Copper in Your Home To Promote, Balance and Restore Energy

You can use copper cones, toroids, copper vortex coils in your home ( to promote health of family members, happiness, bliss and flow of energy in the family ) or use them as rings, pendants, bracelets or as ornaments at specific points on the body to heal and balance the various centers.

Where can you find or buy it for use

I have witnessed many shops selling copper rings and copper ornaments near temples and sacred Hindu sites around India or you can find copper online for your use. You can also salvage them from wires or buy them online.


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The Amazing Healing Power of Copper You Were Not Aware Off ( Hidden Healing Secrets )
The Amazing Healing Power of Copper You Were Not Aware Off ( Hidden Healing Secrets )
This article is on the great healing abilities of Copper that had been extensively used across the ancient till this present day to treat many illnesses and provide powerful healing abilities to the body.
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