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I have always been interested about everything occult from my childhood. I have seen a lot which made me firmly believe that black magic spells, hexes and voodoos are very real and can be very harmful on the one its done, which is why I have assimilated some very powerful mantras to remove black magic and hex done on you or anyone around you.

 Most people nowadays are unfamiliar with the occult world and its rules – which makes them a potentially easy target when it comes to taking revenge on them – with the assistance of black magic, voodoos and hexes.

As the Kali yuga progresses towards completion – more and more people around us are becoming tamasic in nature – tamas implies darkness ( Spiritual Darkness ) which tends to make them more unrighteousness and sinful. Tamasic people by nature are cruel, intolerant of others, jealous, hateful and deceiving.

With the increase in tamas everyday – more and more people are using cheap paranormal tactics such as black magic, voodoos, witch-craft and hexes ( which are not easy to be detected by common means) to get their revenge on the unsuspecting friends, relatives and neighbors.

This wish to get revenge and do harm ( using black magic, hexes and voodoo ) to the close ones – generally stems in them – from either extreme jealousy or an underlying hatred. What the person ordering such black magic and hexes do not understand is that – whatever they give to this world – it finally comes back on them too – as per the laws of the universe.

By trying to cause trauma to another person via voodoo and black magic – these people infact are only helping to dig their own grave unknowingly.

Once an act of black magic is committed on an unsuspecting person – it can almost devastate the victims life mentally and physically – without leaving any good clue behind – which happens to be one big reason why black magic – hexes and voodoos are done in the first place.

The person on whom the black magic is done can go through unexpected financial losses, sickness, some strange disease or even death.

15 Symptoms of Black Magic – Voodoo – Hexes –

Mantras to Remove Black Magic

  1. Sudden sickness attacks or health problems – without any major underlying cause for it.
  2. Sudden or an unexpected string of financial losses – that has no logical explanation.
  3. Sudden death or accidents in the household.
  4. The person feels like he is being watched and followed by an invisible entity – even when in an empty room all by themselves.
  5. Sudden but extreme lethargy – which makes the person unable to work – without obvious reasons.
  6. Sudden violent or extreme mood swings and behavioral changes – that do not seem to be in the persons control.
  7. Sudden poor appetite and sweats.
  8. Sudden strong feelings of hatred and cruelty towards close members of the family or towards a lover.
  9. Sudden quarrels or fights in an otherwise happy environment.
  10. Sudden bursts of mental agony, depression and extreme stress – without apparent reasons present.
  11. Sudden mental fog – extreme mental confusion.
  12. No auspicious events are able to take place at your home – auspicious events can include events such as – marriages, religious congregations, poojas, celebrations etc.
  13. Sudden lose of interest in living a daily life in an otherwise perfect individual can also be due to black magic, hexes or voodoo spells.
  14. Unable to finish long pending works or a project – however much one tries to complete it. This can also include pending court cases.
  15. Unusual sudden bouts of extreme fear and paranoia in an otherwise healthy person – again without any logical cause behind it.

History has proved time and again – that the ones committing these sort of black magic, hexes or voodoos have not been the outside people or strangers – but mostly someone very close to the target family – either a close friend or a trusted relative who had extreme jealousy or hatred for a member.

Okay enough of black magic and voodoo – lets now check out some really powerful remedies to remove black magic.

Lord Shiva Mantra To Remove Black Magic

There are several mantras to remove black magic, this is the maha mrityunjaay mantra of Shiva which is known to offer a powerful protection from these sort of things to the one who does japa on it.

You can use the maha mrityunjaay mantra of Shiva to do away with any sorts of black magic, voodoos and protect yourself. This wonderful mantra is additionally known to promote good health, peace and wisdom to the one who chants it.

The Maha Mrityunjaay mantra is as follows.

Om Tryambakam Yajāmahe ||

Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam ||

Urvā Rukamiva Bandhanān ||

Mrityurmukshīya Māmritāt ||

How many times to chant the Maha Mritunjaay Mantra For Removing Black Magic?

  1. Start by chanting the above mantra for removing all ill effects and black magic 108 times everyday.
  2. You can increase the count depending on your comfort level – to fasten things up
  3. Keep doing the chant for a minimum period of eleven days or more for the best protection and removing any black magic or voodoo.
  4. Its even better – if you can keep chanting the Maha Mrityunjaay mantra everyday for lifetime – as this Shiva mantra is several benefits for your body, mind and soul. ( Will be discussed in another article )

Mahakali Mantra To Remove Black Magic

Maha Kali is the great mother who is above and beyond time ( Kala). She is fierce in form and power and known to be extremely loving to those who see her as the Mother. She is known to fiercely protect and enlighten her children – those who love her dearly.

This Maha Kali mantra to remove black magic – will offer protection and help destroy your enemies too in the process.


Om Krim Krim Krim Kalikaye Klim Klim Klim Sarva Shatrunaam Praharyaa Bhanjyaa Marya Visfotyaa Klim Klim Klim Krim Krim Krim Phaat Swaha ||

Procedure to chant the Kali mantra for removing any effects of black magic and to destroy your enemies

  1. Use a picture of Maha Kali or a Kali Yantra – whatever you have near you.
  2. Light a fire – agni – and offer black pepper seeds , yellow mustard (seeds) and some black sesame seeds to the flame.
  3. Start chanting the mantra with dedication towards the kali yantra or picture.
  4. Do the mantra japa or chant up to 30 minutes everyday for a minimum of seven days to see the results.

Dhumavati Mantra to Remove Black Magic and Hex

Devi Dhumavati is known to relief all kinds of black magic, hex, evil eye and negativity from the life of the one who chants her mantra.


Dhoom Dhoom Tantra Badham Nashay Thaa: Thaa: ||

Procedure to use the Dhumavati mantra to remove black magic or hex

  1. Start the chant from an auspicious day on the Hindu calendar and wear black clothes.
  2. Face the true South direction while doing the japa of this Dhumavati mantra.
  3. Light a Ghee ( Clarified butter ) lamp at the altar – before the picture or yantra of Devi Dhumavati.
  4. Start to offer some fresh flowers and sage ( Incense sticks will do )
  5. Do a minimum of eleven rosaries of the Dhumavati mantra.
  6. Once you are done – take some water from the alter – from in front of Dhumavati and sprinkle some drops around the affected person or place to start seeing effects.
  7. Chanting the mantra for one day is enough to ward of black magic or voodoo and start seeing powerful results.

~ The Devi Dhumavati mantra is an extremely powerful mantra to get rid of black magic and should probably be avoided if you are not initiated.

Hanuman Mantra For Removing Black Magic – Mantras to Remove Black Magic

Om Harimarkata, Mahamarkataya – Para yantra bhaaya – Para mantra bhaya – Para tantra bhaya – Paravidhya Chedaya – Chedaya ||

Hanuman deva is known as “Sankaat Mochan” which means that he removes all kinds of danger – spiritual or physical from the one who does japa on his mantras. No evil entity can ever stand in front of the power and might of Hanuman Deva.

Procedure to use this Hanuman mantra for removing black magic and hex

  1. Start by taking a copper vessel and dip your right hand ( with the five fingers ) in the water.
  2. start chanting the Hanuman mantra to remove black magic – mentioned above.
  3. Chant the mantra for up to 21 times to infuse the water with the given mantra.
  4. Give this water to the person affected by black magic to drink or mix it in his or her food – if he is not ready to have it.
  5. Follow the mantra everyday until everything becomes normal again – generally a few days will be okay – you will start noticing the effects of the Hanuman mantra from the first or second day itself.

The Hanuman mantra to remove black magic effects mentioned above is surely a powerful one.

Protection from Black Magic By Use of the Hanuman Chalisa

Reading the Hanuman Chalisa will also ensure that – your life stays un-affected by any kind of negative entity or black magic – voodoos etc. Lord Hanuman will bless you and give you every kind of protection. The

Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa daily is a sure shot way to stop any voodoo and black magic.

2 Precautions and simple ways to prevent Black Magic or Voodoo Against You

  1. Black magic Voodoo or witchcraft mostly requires the use of some specimen from the individual – whom they wish to affect. Thus never every give anyone – sample of your hair, nails or blood – even if they are very close to you. Always use a plastic bag to throw any unwanted hair strands or nails or whatever – even better if you can personally burn them. Do not leave these scattered around your home.
  2. Secondly, I would also advise you to buy an Iron bangle or a Panch Dhatu bangle for protection against black magic – and start using it. Precaution is way better than a cure thus – this is a primary thing you should do.

A simple yet a great way to protect yourself from black magic and remove black magic spell is to wear a Pancha Dhatu or an Iron (Fe) Bangle ( as mentioned in step 2 above ). This is known to ward of any malefic entities or hexes done upon you.

You can search Iron bangles and Panch Dhatu bangles online on Amazon India. For your convenience I am adding the link below.

Feel free to share your experience with all of us using the comment section below.

Share the information to anyone suffering from black magic or hex.

Love, light and peace to all!


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Powerful Mantras to Remove Black Magic, Hex and Voodoo ( Hex Removal )
I do firmly believe that black magic spells and voodoos are very real and can be very harmful for the naive, which is why I am putting up some very powerful mantras for removing black magic and hex.
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