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As more and more of you asks us about mantras to make money and create more abundance in your life, we thought we will publish this article which can be of great help to many of you who wish to increase their luck with money. This is a powerful yet a simple mantra to attract money instantly

This simple paranormal remedy for gaining wealth uses a Lotus flower to attract money and the wealth that is desired.

Lotus flowers have great significance in the Hindu way of life and used in several occasions and pujas, especially of Lakshmi Devi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.

Now lets not waste more time and go to the procedure for the totka below.

A Simple Mantra to Attract Money Instantly

Start with this totka to attract money on a Friday of the week. The reason for this is Friday is ruled by the planet Venus, and is good for these types of money attraction mantras and abundance mantras.

Basic Requirements For This Money Mantra

  • A Fresh Lotus Flower ( You can get that easily in most Puja flower shops where they sell all types of fresh flowers for Pujas and rituals.

Procedure For Using the Mantra Totka For Gaining Money

  1. Start from a Friday.
  2. Take a complete bath and wear clean clothes before starting the procedure for the totka.
  3.  In a clean cloth, wrap the lotus flower.
  4. Then keep the flower ( wrapped ) in your cash box or safe at your home or business.
  5. This is it, nothing more needs to be done.
  6. After several weeks, if you notice that the flower has dried, then bring out the flower and after unwrapping it, immerse it into a flowing stream of water or river anywhere.
  7. Replace with another one with the same procedure as above, if required.

As per the books, there is no requirement to recite any other mantra or any elaborate ritual for this wealth attraction remedy to work, so just follow the above procedure for this and that is it.

Precaution For Using This Money Attraction Totka Mantra

The one who does this simple money attraction remedy totka should always carry out all their business dealings or cash dealings in an honest and truthful way for this remedy to work completely.

The person should be honest with others and have respect in his or her heart towards Maha Lakshmi and the Lotus flower for a faster success in gaining money and wealth using this technique.

Be forewarned that if you are dishonest in your dealings and probably looking to cheat others at the slightest chance then this mantra totka for attracting fast money would not work at all.

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That is it, a simple way to gain money and the blessings of Maha Laxmi.

Please share this simple mantra to attract money instantly with your friends and family to help them too and do let us know in the comments section if you have any questions for us.

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Mantra to Attract Money Instantly ( A Simple Paranormal Remedy )
Mantra to Attract Money Instantly ( A Simple Paranormal Remedy )
This is a simple Hindu mantra to attract money instantly towards you. This Hindu mantra totka for money and abundance uses the power of Goddess Lakshmi and a lotus flower for success.
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