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Hi everyone! Today i am writing about a healing mantra of healing which has a Buddhist origin and is well known for cleansing, heal and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

This mantra, is also known as the Medicine Buddha mantra. Anyone can practice and benefit from this healing mantra. This famous mantra aids in healing the body, cleanses the mind and soul. People suffering from mental traumas, sadness or depression can also benefit from this beautiful healing mantra.

Else than that, this wonderful healing mantra can be used to destroy any negative karma, thus freeing the soul of troubles brought in by the consequences of any such negative karma.

This healing mantra can become your best friend when in trouble and for those practicing atleast 5 malas of it daily the benefits are known to be ten folds.

If you can’t recite the mantra at first,  you might start to play it in your room to get the several positive effects of the mantra of healing, even while listening to it.

There are hundreds of miracles across the world which testifies to the greatness of The Medicine Buddha and his utmost compassion for all.

Practice this mantra daily to get the utmost benefit of it and you will be amazed how good you start to feel as you keep on chanting the mantra. This healing mantra of Buddha, is known to give success, bliss and abundance if practiced everyday.

Lets look at the Medicine Buddha mantra below.

Buddhist Mantra For Healing ( Medicine Buddha Mantra )

Om Namo Bhagavaate Bhaishaja Guru

Vaiduria Prabha Rajaya Tathagataya

Arahate’ Samyaksham Buddhaya


Om Bekajye Bekajye Maha Bekajye

Bekajye Radzaya Samudgate’ Svaha |

Procedure to do the Buddhist Mantra for Healing

  1. You can do this mantra any time you wish to but a great time can be the morning or dawn time.
  2. Try and visualize on the crown of your head, that the healing rays of the Buddha are emitting from Medicine Buddha and are then enter your own body and
    mind like water via the crown chakra. As it enters and gushes forth, it pushes away all the dirty things – all the disease, spirit harm, negative karma and obstacles are completely purified.
  3. Also if you are healing someone far from you, you may think that the being is in your heart on a moon shaped disc, especially people who
    have chronic diseases such as cancer or degenerative diseases or can be anything. Think that the healing ray is purifying the four things (disease, spirit harm, negative karma and obstacles). All are purified, including your sickness.
  4. You can also visualize that the Healing Buddha is above their heads while you do it. This is another way if you are doing the practice for someone else.

Once you are done with the prayer and have chanted the mantra. You can dedicate the merits as mentioned below and end the ceremony.

Regarding Merits
“Due to all the merits I have collected in the past and present and that I will collect in the future, may the wish-fulfilling, most precious, ultimate good heart Bodhicitta, cherishing other sentient beings and letting go of the I, be generated in my heart and within the hearts
of all living beings without delay of even a second. May the bodhicitta that is already generated be increased forever more.

“Due to all the merits of the past, present and future that I have collected and that others have collected, however many sick sentient beings there are may they be instantly liberated from their sicknesses and may sentient beings never get sick.

“Due to the merits of the three times, which exist but are empty from their own side, collected by me and all others, may I, who exists but is empty from my own side, achieve enlightenment, which exists but is empty from its own side, and lead sentient beings, who exist but are empty from their own side, to that enlightenment, which exists but is empty from its own side, by myself alone, who exists but is empty from my own side.

“I dedicate all the merits as the Bodhisattvas Samantabhadra and Manjugosha realized and in the way that the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three times dedicate and admire the most.

“Due to all these merits, may I actualize completely the stainless teachings of Lama Tsong Khapa, which unify Sutra and tantra in this life, and may those teachings flourish and spread in all directions.”

I do it this way and this is the short way. You can also do the same.

Feel free to share your experience on this wonderful mantra for healing in the comments section below.


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A Buddhist Mantra For Healing the Body, Mind and Soul
A Buddhist Mantra For Healing the Body, Mind and Soul
This mantra in this article is also known among some as the medicine Buddha mantra. This is a powerful healing mantra to cleanse and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.
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