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Many of you have been asking me for a simple mantra for anxiety removal and to have peace of mind, and here, we are today, with one mantra for anxiety removal and for bringing mental peace

This mantra helps to let go of your anxiety and helps to find balance and peace within oneself.  This mantra is the Jain Navakshari mantra known to remove  and provide relief from mental stress, or anxiety issues that some of you might be dealing with.

Mantra for anxiety removal

Mantra for anxiety removal

This peace mantra will make you exceedingly calm and bring a feeling of bliss and peace upon the aspirant, which is no doubt helpful in today’s stressful times, when all kinds of stress are increasing in the societies, as the society tries to adjust and keep up with the changing worlds.

For those of you who do not yet know of the meaning of a Navakshari mantra, a Navakshari mantra can be said to be a type of mantra having nine unique letters as its composition and considered to be extremely powerful, in giving the person who recites the mantra, utmost peace of mind.

Here is the mantra for anxiety removal that you can do japa on to remove any anxiety, traumas and depression issues. The mantra mentioned is the Jain Navakshari mantra, and is a great mantra which is known to help with mental stress, depressions, unnecessary tensions, anxieties or phobia.

Mantra For Anxiety Removal and Peace

Om Hreem Arham Namah Kshim Swaha ||


How to use the mantra for peace and anxiety removal

Start chanting the mantra for anxiety removal when you feel overwhelmed by anxiety and mental stress, and continue reciting this mantra for mental peace until you feel that you are better, at which point you can simply stop or continue more or else, you can start with say 1-100 japas daily to ward of any chronic mental sickness you are facing.

Along with this, it is advised that you take baths daily and wear clean clothes before reciting this mantra, as this has a pleasant effect on your lifestyle and often makes you feel enhanced and better

That is it for today, we could find no more information or rules behind the recitation of this  mantra for mental peace which explains why the post was kept short.

Feel free to recite this mantra to invoke peace and bliss in your life, whenever you feel stressed out or anxious and do let us know how you did in the comments section below.

We request you to share this wonderful mantra for anxiety removal and mental peace, with all of your friends and on social networks.

Peace and Light to All of You


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A Simple Jain mantra for Anxiety Removal and Peace
A Simple Jain mantra for Anxiety Removal and Peace
This is a simple mantra to remove anxiety and stress from life and find peace. Use this mantra to reduce and remove mental traumas and depression issues.
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