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The Kundalini, also called Shakti, is the dormant primal energy that stays at the root of the spine or near the Muladhara chakra. Here is a powerful Kundalini mantra for health and rejuvenation using the power of the Kundalini energy.

The Kundalini mantra for health and rejuvenation I am presenting here has 8 syllables coded in it in such a way that it makes the Kundalini energy flow through the Sushumna or the main central channel in the spinal complex thus helping the body regenerate and rejuvenate back to health while doing so.

A Powerful Kundalini Mantra for Health and Rejuvenation

A Powerful Kundalini Mantra for Health and Rejuvenation

Kundalini Mantra for Health and Rejuvenation

“Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung”

The sounds that are generated while chanting this Kundalini mantra for health helps to balance the two hemispheres of the brain and the five senses which results in a feeling of bliss and calmness across the body and mind.

When this Kundalini mantra for health is chanted by the practitioner – in the right manner, it helps the hypothalamus to pulsate in a natural rhythm which in turn assists the pituitary gland in our body to tune up the entire glandular system.

Then the sympathetic, parasympathetic and active nervous systems match the timing of the glandular system. As a result, the muscular system and cells in the blood work in conjunction to receive this healing vibration, and the rebuilding process of one’s health is triggered.

The mantra of Kundalini transforms an imbalanced and unhealthy body into an harmonious, healthy one.

Meaning of the Kundalini mantra for health

RA – This is the Agni or fire principle – symbolizes the energy, vibrancy and power of the Sun. Connecting with the light – heals you – gives you good health and other such virtues.
MA – This is the water principle – is the energy of the Moon. This helps you become receptive and aligned.
DA – This is the Earth principle – provides the ground for action. This helps you to ground yourself with the Earth energy.
SA – This is the air or Vayu principle – denotes infinity. Lets you connect with the infinite self to heal and rejuvenate yourself.

SAY, which is the totality of experience.

SO is the personal sense of identity. Pronouncing “So” helps you to merge you with the infinite and become one with it.

HUNG also denotes the infinite Brahman. The reality behind all creation. Saying this helps you realize and merge with the eternal and become like one with the ever present and ever powerful.

It can be rightfully said that as you serenade this Kundalini mantra for health, you will feel your mind and body pulsating towards the boundless nature of the real self, with every utterance and rejuvenating itself gradually back to health – both mental and physical with due time.

This Kundalini mantra will help you merge your non real self with the real all powerful self – which will result in an all round mental balance, great health and bliss.

At the point when a man goes inside himself and intentionally encounters his own particular excellence, he is able to touch his divinity. At that point he can rejoin his fate to the most astounding potentials.

Benefits of Chanting the Kundalini mantra for health

  1. The Kundalini mantra helps in stabilizing the mind and body and provide a balance.
  2. Rejuvenates the body back to good health.
  3. Helps prevent any major disease.
  4. Gives a sense of joy and internal bliss.
  5. Makes your life positive.

I have been doing this Kundalini mantra for health and rejuvenation myself for the last two months and I feel really at bliss and healthy myself, which is one reason I wanted to write this article for all of you – my readers, so you can too benefit from this mantra for health.


Do let me know how the Kundalini mantra goes with you in the comments section below and feel free to ask me any questions you may have on this mantra to become healthy.

Feel free to share and comment your experience regarding the Kundalini mantra below using the comments section.

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A Powerful Kundalini Mantra for Health and Rejuvenation
A Powerful Kundalini Mantra for Health and Rejuvenation
This is a powerful Kundalini mantra for health which helps to bring good health, vitality in the body and gives complete rejuvenation with the power of the Kundalini shakti.
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