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Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing good. I am more than happy to get another chance at writing a new article today on this platform, a mantra to develop self confidence.

Coming back to the mantra for self confidence, this is another Hindu ( Surya Mantra ) for self confidence and fearlessness. This mantra will give the one who chants it, fearlessness and all the required self confidence be it in any scenario, a job, or a business deal or, even better say an adventure in the wild.

hindu mantra for self confidence - confidence mantra

Hindu mantra for self confidence ( Confidence mantra )


Mantra For Self Confidence

Om Hreem Suryaaye Namahaa |

Procedure For Chanting this mantra for self confidence

  1.  Start to recite the given mantra facing the direction of East.
  2. Take a bath, wear fresh clothes and preferably sit on a woolen cloth ( if you have one )
  3. Visualize as you say the mantra, that each time you say it, the Surya deva ( Sun god ) is clearing all the doubts and fears from your mind.  The power of visualization is great for what we visualize we manifest. So visualize that the Sun god is helping you in acquiring the qualities of fearlessness and self confidence. Imagine a light from the god pouring on you as you say the prayer.
  4. Do the mantra upto a certain times and increase it everyday as you progress. You can start with 108 times a day.
  5. Complete a minimum of 30, 0000 recitations of the above mantra to achieve siddhi or mastery.
  6. It would be wise to have vegetarian food and stay away from masoor dal / garlic / onions while you do this mantra.

Once you are done, fold your hands ( like in the hasta posture ) and bow in respect to the Sun god Surya while visualizing his blessings as you do this.

This mantra of Surya deva is also known to remove anxiety and pessimism and instill light and wisdom inside the heart. The health also improves greatly if done daily.

For students this mantra for self confidence can help with retaining or memory, help develop a photographic memory and a brilliant self confidence.


There is another mantra that was penned down in the past by me on increasing your willpower.

You can find the Mantra to Increase Willpower here.

Please share your thoughts and any additional information you have on this mantra for self confidence below to help others reading this. Share with others if you benefit.

Love and light.

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A Hindu Mantra For Developing Self Confidence
A Hindu Mantra For Developing Self Confidence
This is a simple Hindu mantra for self confidence and fearlessness. This mantra is more of a prayer to the Sun god (Surya Dev) for getting self confidence..
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