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Many people keep on asking me about a powerful Hindu mantra for love and attraction. Well here it is – the attraction mantra, which has the power to help you attract new relationships in your life.

The mantra ” Kleem ” has some serious power of attraction under its hood which can be used by both men and women to attract new relationships, friends and what not.

This is a short one word mantra for attraction and one which is easy to chant unlike some other mantras where it becomes quite difficult to chant due to the complicated pronunciations.

As human beings we are social and like to hang around with others most of our time but some times how ever much we try – we end up being single and unable to mingle with others. It might feel for some – as if the world has stopped noticing them – as they roam around invisible to the opposite sex.

This powerful mantra for attraction can help during those times. This mantra is a bija mantra of Maha Kali ( although some say its the mantra of Kamdeva ) and has a strong energy around it – The energy present in this mantra – has all the power to attract people, relationships and assets in life.

This mantra has the color red – the color of the Muladhara Chakra ( Mūla = Root, Origin, Essence / Ādhāra = Basis, Foundation ). It is the first chakra from the spine up wards and the meeting place of the three main nadis ie. the Ida, the Pingala and the Sushumna.

This chakra is connected to the Earth plane of existence and the primary one behind all kinds of physical manifestations in this plane of existence. This mantra of attraction thus has the power to enhance and fasten physical manifestations in life – such as new relations, physical wealth and assets – whatever you may desire.

Powerful Hindu Mantra For Love and Attraction

Kleem ||

How to chant this Hindu mantra for Attraction

The procedure to chant this Hindu mantra of love is to stretch the last word in the sound. For example – Chant the mantra like – Kleemmmmmmmm ( keep on resonating the last letter M for a longer period of time to get the best effects from this mantra ).

8 Benefits of Chanting the Kleem Mantra ( Hindu mantra for love )

  1. The power mantra Kleem helps attract love to your life.
  2. Harmonize your aura and energy.
  3. Helps to attract new friends and new relations.
  4. Helps to attract all round abundance and material assets in life.
  5. Repeating this attraction mantra helps to makes you extremely Magnetic and often the center of attraction in social gatherings.
  6. Helps increase your natural charm ( others will start noticing you more and more )
  7. Helps you to receive more affection from family and people who are closer to you.
  8. This bija mantra can provide enhance the power of other weaker mantras leading to faster success. This is one reason why it is paired with many other mantras as you will see.

The Kleem mantra is a powerful mantra for attraction but if you do notice that it is not working the way it should for you ( Generally you will start noticing the effects of the Kleem mantra after chanting it for a few days ) – then do keep patience and keep on doing the chant.

The reason for this delay in results often stems from the negative karma attached to you from the past. Thus you should not stop if you feel its taking longer than usual to notice the effects of the mantra.

Another thing to be cautious with the attraction mantra – Kleem is that – it might bring a sudden unexpected relationship in your life – once you start doing the chanting esp if you have some Venus Saturn complications in your horoscope.

Now remember that the relationship it brings may or may not be what you were looking for. So do be careful before saying a Yes to it. Measure the pros and cons before you jump into it. ( Now,  I am not asking you to say a no but do take your time before reaching a conclusion ). IF you feel its not worth it then leave it and carry on with the chanting to attract more in time.

That is it for today. Do let me know how the Hindu mantra for love and the attraction mantra mentioned here helped you and feel free to ask for anything in the comments section. I will try to help.

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A Powerful Hindu Mantra For Love and Attraction ( Attraction Mantra )
A Powerful Hindu Mantra For Love and Attraction ( Attraction Mantra )
A Powerful Hindu Mantra For Love and creating attraction. You can use this strong attraction mantra to bring a new friend or attract a new relationship.
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