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Abalone as a gemstone shows its lovely hues that give a look at the ocean. The healing crystal Abalone helps to develop cheerfulness, inner security, protection, helps overcome despondency and problems of insecurity.

The Abalone crystal stone comes in different hues such as pink, yellow, green, indigo, violet and blue. Indeed most Abalones demonstrate a mixed shade of every one of these hues. The healing crystal Abalone is much prominent on account of its mending properties.

Abalone - paua shell - crystal healing 2

Abalone – Paua shell – crystal healing

Healing Crystal Abalone, Stone of Security and Protection

Mineralogy: Coloured shell (Aragonite, orthorhombic, secondary)

Abalone Healing Properties

Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Abalone: cheerfulness, security, protection, helps overcome despondency, insecurity and disappointment, ensures careful dealing with oneself and others, ameliorates irritation and inflammations of skin, mucous membrane and sensory organs.

Abalone – Availability: Commonly Available, Not rare.

Places Found: New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Western North America, and Japan.

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Healing Crystal Abalone  (Paua shell, Mother-of-pearl)
Healing Crystal Abalone (Paua shell, Mother-of-pearl)
This article talks on the healing crystal Abalone and ts healing properties.
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