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Lord Hanuman is a dear devotee of Lord Rama and has been lovingly known in various names over the centuries such as Anjaneya, Mahavira and Bajrangbali. Here I am putting up a powerful Hanuman mantra for success in life and jobs.

Lord Hanuman is said to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and his devotion to Lord Rama in Ramayana is well known throughout the world.

Hanuman was born to the Vanaras (monkeys). His mother Anjana was an apsara while his father Kesari was the son of Rahu according to the Valmiki Ramayana.

Lord Hanuman is one of the most celebrated avatars in the Indian subcontinent and a beloved disciple of Rama an incarnation of the great Vishnu.

Lord Hanuman is known to be extremely compassionate and helpful to anyone who calls upon him for any assistance. Those who chant the Hanuman Chalisa dearly, are, always free from the effects negative energy, fear and ailments of all kinds.

Now lets look at the Hanuman mantra for success. You can use this mantra for success in any project or work, or to get into a new job or  make a career change.

This mantra will open up all the avenues of your life which you did not even know existed. Its best to do the mantra daily for the maximum effect this has to offer.

Here is the Mantra if Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman Mantra For Success In Life and Job

Om Namo Bhagaavate Anjaneyaye Mahaabalaye Hanumaate Namaha ||

Procedure For Using the Hanuman Mantra For Success

  1. Start this mantra sadhna from a Tuesday after ten in the night after taking a bath and wearing red clothes.
  2. Cover the altar with a pure clean cloth and put some Vermilion over the cloth on which you will place a picture or idol of the lord.
  3. Start by sitting on a red mat in the Veerasana position.
  4. Face the South direction for praying to your Guru and then chant this mantra.
  5. Light a pure Ghee lamp ( clarified butter lamp ) and give a bath to the Yantra of Hanuman.
  6. After this again put some Vermilion tilak on it.
  7. Offer some red flowers such as Hibiscus ( Jaba Flower ) to the Yantra and also some red fruits.
  8. Then put a Vermilion tilak on your forehead and chant 21 rounds of this Hanuman mantra for success with some red rosaries, whatever you can find around you.

Once you are done with the chanting this Hanuman mantra for success, don’t forget to thank the lord. That is it mostly. This ritual is quite simple and very effective and will help you get success quite easily with the blessings of the lord.

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That is it for today.

Feel free to share your experience regarding this hanuman mantra for achieving success and good luck below. Consider sharing the mantra with others to help them too.


Have a good day!

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Hanuman Mantra For Success in Life and Endeavours
Hanuman Mantra For Success in Life and Endeavours
This is a powerful Hanuman mantra for success in life and job that is simple and very effective if done properly.
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