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The Gayatri mantra remains one of the most famous mantras in Hinduism today due to its numerous positive benefits for the mind, body and soul. Here is a beautiful video of the Gayatri mantra chant presented by Deva Premal.

The Gayatri mantra helps a man to continue quickly on the way of soul development and self acknowledgment through dedication to the Goddess Gayatri – the incomparable innovative vitality of the celestial – also known as Savitur.

The Gayatri mantra supplies its enthusiast with genuine all round benefits, protection and abundance. An unpretentious, continuous current of heavenly vitality begins coursing through the inward being of the one who chants the Gayatri with devotion, purifying his acumen, psyche and feelings of the unreasonable, debased and dim contemplations, emotions and goals.

I have previously written an article about the power and benefits of the Gayatri Mantra which you can read here. There is a lot of great articles around the web on this specific mantra which is why I would not go much in-depth today and move on to the chant video.

You can listen to the mantra chant below and receive the benefits of this beautiful mantra. Use a headphone for best results.

Gayatri Mantra Chant Music By Deva Premal

I have linked here a wonderful version of the mantra which you can try and listen to while you do your household chores to obtain the benefits of it.

Here it is.

Credits ~ Deva Premal

That is it for now.

Feel free to share your experience regarding this chant and the mantra and how it has helped you using the comment section below.

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Love, light and peace to all beings!


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Gayatri Mantra Chant Video and Music By Deva Premal
Gayatri Mantra Chant Video and Music By Deva Premal
Here this article is about the beautiful Gayatri mantra chant by Deva Premal which you can listen to derive the wonderful benefits of the mantra.
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