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Goddess Durga’s love towards her children is eternal with an energy that is warm and loving. She is not only the mother but in this form she is the warrior goddess who fiercely fights against all kinds of adharmas ( or unrighteousness ) if invoked. This is a Durga mantra that can be used to invoke her divine energies to remove all types of financial issues.

About the Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga is mostly depicted in images and idols as having eight or ten hands. These hands of the devi are known to represent the 8 quadrants or the 10 directions as per the Hindu scriptures. The devi’s hands are also indicative of her immense power of protection and her ability to offer rejuvenation and healing to her devotees, who are her children against threats if any from all of these directions.

Goddess Durga is also known as ‘Triyambake’ which means “The three eyed Goddess”. Devi’s left eye represents the maya or desire, signifying the moon, while her right eye signifies action ( power of the sun) while her third eye (fire) represents higher wisdom or that supreme knowledge which is hidden.

The Devi is seen with a mighty lion, signifying, the power she represents, this is the power of the higher will and the power of righteousness. The lion also signifies her determination to remove all unrighteousness. The devi is symbolized as riding the lion which also means that she is a master of these qualities.

This is the Durga Shaptashati mantra as highlighted below.

A Durga Mantra To Remove Poverty and Debt


Durge Smritaa Harsi Bheetimshesh-jantoh Swastheh Smrita Matimteev Shubhaam Dadaasi Daaridraydhukahbhyaharidnin Ka Tvadanya Swaroopkaarkardnay Sadadra chitaa ||

Make sure to pronounce the above mantra as correctly as possible as this will help add to the benefits of the mantra. It is said by some that reciting the Durga shaptasati mantras incorrectly can attract issues and upheavals in your life.

Process of chanting the Durga Shaptasati mantra for removal of poverty

  1. If possible for you, then its better to rise up early before sunrise, take a bath and wear clean clothes before chanting the mantra.
  2. Light a ghee lamp in front of the Durga image or idol ( if you possess one ) or you can also go to the local Durga temple if there is one around your location.
  3. The best time for chanting this mantra is undeniably during the 9 nights of the Navaratri but can be chanted if required at other times.
  4. Chant up to 108 times each day and increase the number of chants as you progress or become more comfortable.
  5. Make sure to pronounce the mantras correctly.
  6. Increasing the number of chants will intensify the effects of the mantra just like in other mantras.

Across the ages it has been widely believed that the Saptashati mantras of Durga have great powers in invoking the sacred energy of the goddess along with the power to dispel all negative energies away from our lives.

It is advised that you keep on doing this mantra until you start to notice the effects of this mantra chant around you. The more you chant, the better, for you.

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Durga Shaptasati Mantra To Remove Financial Worries, Debt and Poverty
Durga Shaptasati Mantra To Remove Financial Worries, Debt and Poverty
This article is on the Durga shaptashati mantra to remove financial worries, debts and poverty issues and to find abundance in your life.
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