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This article talks about the cosmic law of grace and mercy and elaborates what this law means to us us humans. I have already stated the background behind cosmic laws and their importance in this former article about the cosmic law of perpetual transmutation of energy.

The Cosmic Law of Grace or Mercy ( Cosmic Laws )

When overwhelmed by one’s negative karmic effects, it is possible to invoke the Grace of God to help lighten our karmic burdens by withholding them temporary from manifestation so that we may regain our soul balance and restore ourselves for example in times of excess distress.

Such karmas of the individual may be released later time period by the divine spiritual intelligence when the individual is ready to once again face them. The Law of Grace may also neutralize one’s karma if it so intends.

However, to neutralize one’s karma factors such as whether the lesson was learnt by the individual or if the individual has realized their errors or whether one has invoked the Law of Grace through the appropriate action such as bhakti towards the divine, prayers, japas etc.

The Cosmic law of Forgiveness is a sub part of the Law of Grace, for only when we learn to forgive others completely will the cosmic law of Grace function and forgive us for what we may have done to others.

If any harm is done intentionally then it is a good idea to apply ourselves in prayer and request the divine for forgiveness for any error commited. Sincere prayers have a strong effect of canceling ones karma to a great extent.

As per this cosmic law, it is possible to request more of our past karma to be released to us if so desired by the individual. If an individual desires to progress faster and to neutralize any karma that is still un-manifested and holding the individual back.

This request may be granted and this is also in effect the Law of Grace. Those who are on the spiritual path of awakening are often seen to invoke a natural manner more of the on-coming karma into their lives, and this often occurs under the guidance of their true spiritual master or guru who guides them.


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The Cosmic Law of Grace or Mercy ( Cosmic Laws )
The Cosmic Law of Grace or Mercy ( Cosmic Laws )
This article talks about the cosmic law of grace and mercy and elaborates what the law of grace and mercy denotes.
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