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Gratitude is probably the most vital key to a life of miracles and abundance. This article describes the Cosmic Law of Gratitude and provides information on this cosmic law in this brief article.

Before delving into the law of gratitude, an important law of the universe, it is important to realize the essence of non duality and every individual being inhabiting the cosmos as a source fractal of the bigger universal divine being.

The Cosmic Law of Gratitude ( Cosmic Laws )

This cosmic law, the Law of Gratitude states that whatever has been given, receives its certain reward according to its nature although this desire for reward should not motivate the individual.

Energy flows constantly and energy that is given moves out on that curved and unequal line, and when extended far enough, can only return to its source bearing its appropriate rewards and gifts.

You should thus serve others wholeheartedly whenever possible with the greater cause of helping them. It is important to have a feeling of gratitude for the universe for the help it is offering unconditionally to you to set this law in motion.

The Cosmic Law is expansive in such a way that God, who is Supreme Love, is disposed to sharing all gifts with those who are harmonized with Him, with the Universe, and with the Laws that govern this Universe.

When we behave with a feeling of generosity toward others around us, sharing our gifts with those around, we are able to successfully create an open condition by means of which we open ourselves up to greater cosmic possibilities.

The nature of the cosmic awareness is divine and universal, always seeking a way it can carry out the greater good of all. If we can share the gifts that we receive through the Universal Creative Laws, we then ourselves become cosmic channels and agents of the divine itself enabling us to create greater good for others, that is the very essence and purpose of divine creation.

Simply, in the measure that we share our gifts with others we condition ourselves to receive further blessings that, without a doubt, will be granted to us to continue sharing with others. While if we think in a selfish way that what we have reached is ours alone, and that we don’t have to share it with others, we are closing to the cosmic gifts as we are not the proprietors of things, but only the administrators of them by divine privilege. Nobody can take to the other world anything of what is possessed in this one except the spiritual evolution that we are able to acquire.

It is very important to understand this point well; while we live on the material plane we are the administrators of that which has been granted and ultimately, the true proprietor of everything is God who created all things and gave everyone the power of administering what has been put at their disposal, leaving everything when they return to the spiritual world.

For this reason if we administer the gifts of God in a selfish way, we are closing the doors to new gifts being granted to us in the Universe. If we live in a positive way and in accordance with the Cosmic Law, we should have solidarity toward those who, not being evolved enough, need our help.

Those who are sufficiently aware, and that supposes a certain degree of positive evolution, are grateful for all that they enjoy. They feel gratitude for being alive, for the wonderful operating mechanisms of the universe, for the air that they breathe, for the water that they drink, for the rest that they are granted; they feel grateful because they have been granted the ability to love others and the more they love, more love they receive. They feel grateful because they have been granted the ability to feel, to think and learn, helping to understand others and they are given wisdom.

If someone has the time, they can help relatives, friends, or do some charity work, when others have need of their services. How gratifying it is for example when we have helped a friend to paint their house and after finishing the task, during a time of rest, we laugh and share with those with whom we worked!.

Dedicate something of what you gain, even a very small amount, to contribute to a good cause. Many of our members, regularly, send us contributions, sometimes very modest, because they know that those funds help the Order in its mission of spreading the Light, and also their contributions help some good institution that they are in for its mission of assisting those who need help.

When applying the Law of Gratitude you fulfill the Cosmic Law and create the conditions that helps to open up new corridors in your life and attract divine blessings.  Gifts do not include only material but can also include higher spiritual gifts of love and service to others to help them.

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The Cosmic Law of Gratitude ( Cosmic Laws and Secrets )
The Cosmic Law of Gratitude ( Cosmic Laws and Secrets )
Gratitude is probably the most vital key to a life of miracles and abundance. This article describes the Cosmic Law of Gratitude and provides information on this cosmic law in this brief article. 
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