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This is a short article on spiritual healing through music. Here I present to you a video of Tibetan Buddhist Vairocana chant mantra for healing the core of your self. This is a great piece of Buddhist chant music for spiritual healing of your body, mind and soul.

Information on the Buddhist Vairocana Chant

Vairocana – Chinese: Dàrì Rúlái or Piluzhenafo – is the embodiment of Dharmakaya, and can be seen as the universal aspect of Gautama Buddha.

In Sino-Japanese Buddhism, Vairocana is also seen as the embodiment of the Buddhist concept of shunyata or Emptiness.

In the conception of the Five Wisdom Buddhas of Vajrayana Buddhism – Vairocana is at the center with his beloved consort the Goddess White Tara.

This Buddhist healing chant music below is great for rejuvenation, complete relaxation and for meditation purposes.

Buddhist Vairocana Chant for Spiritual and Bodily Healing

You can listen to this music to receive the benefits of the chant and the healing associated with it. Feel free to share your experience regarding this beautiful healing chant using the comment section below.

You can share this Buddhist healing chant with anyone around you to help them too.

All of you have a good day!

Love, light and peace to all!


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Buddhist Vairocana Mantra Music for Spiritual Healing
Buddhist Vairocana Mantra Music for Spiritual Healing
Here is the Buddhist Vairocana chanting music to help you heal your inner self and remove physical distress and ailments.
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