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Lord Brahma is the originator and the creator of all living beings and one of the three Hindu trinities. Here I present to you a powerful Brahma mantra for getting peace and bliss in your life.

Brahma represents the universal mind as all of his creation is the work of the mind and intellect. He is considered as “Brahm” or the supreme godhead.

Powerful Brahma Mantra For Peace and Bliss of Mind

Powerful Brahma Mantra For Peace and Bliss of Mind

This Brahma mantra below will help you to receive the blessings of the lord and help you in acquiring immense levels of knowledge, mind powers, higher intellect and peace in life.

You can meditate upon Lord Brahma to fulfill your heart’s desires, boost your vitality, cleanse your mind and heart, become mentally stronger, and get protection from negative energies such as ghosts.

Powerful Brahma Mantra For Peace and Knowledge

Om Namo Rajo Jushei Srishtau ||

Sthithou  Satwa Mayayacha ||

Tamo Mayaya Sam Harinei ||

Vishwaroopa Vedhasei ||

Om Brahmanyei Namaha ||

Meaning of the Brahma Mantra For Knowledge and Peace

Brahma is the creator of the universe. He created the universe with his three natural qualities which are positive, negative and dormant. He represents “Om” the eternal bliss and truth of everything. He is the god who materialized all beings into forms. Om I bow to him – to the great Brahma. May he bless me.

How to chant the Brahma mantra for knowledge and peace

  1. Start by taking a bath and purifying yourself.
  2. Wear clean clothes.
  3. Chant the Brahma mantra either in the morning or in the evening time.
  4. Chant for up to 108 times daily at the start.
  5. Sit in a padmasana position or with your spinal cord straight before chanting the Brahma mantra for best effects.

The more you chant the Brahma mantra – you will start to feel the power of the Brahman inside you, filling you with power, grace, love, good health, happiness and peace.

This mantra will also help you attain liberation if chanted sincerely.

I could not find the above Brahma mantra chant for gaining wisdom anywhere but found this below Brahma mantra chanting video from Youtube which you may like.

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Powerful Brahma Mantra For Peace and Knowledge
Powerful Brahma Mantra For Peace and Knowledge
This article talks about a powerful brahma mantra for attaining wisdom and intelligence.
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