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The “Ankh” is a powerful mystical symbol associated with fertility and eternal life. This article today, will discusses the spiritual significance of the “Ankh symbol” and its deeper esoteric and hidden meanings.

This will be a new series from today, on the various spiritually powerful mystical symbols and talismans from around the world and their meanings along with uses.

A Brief Introduction to “Mystical Symbols”

Mystical symbols are powerful and have spiritual significance. These mystical symbols have the ability to tune in with our subconscious and super conscious minds respectively and can convey deep meanings directly to the non conscious minds of the one perceiving it.

Mystical symbols are often used to achieve a particular desire of the one using it or for uses such as to create a strong attraction or for protection from harm. While a lot of the knowledge was lost over the centuries, there are still a wide variety of powerful symbols that are still used and known to this day by people studying magic, manifestations or other spiritual disciplines across the world.


Examples of some powerful ancient spiritual symbols



These symbols have the power to merge us with the intangible realities, give covert knowledge, or help in well being without using the cognitive mind in the process.

There are several mystic symbols that have been associated with religions that once came from ancient wisdom traditions that honored the highest manifestations possible.

In using them, think of a longer history than the more recent manifestations of modern religions. These symbols have been used since the days of ancient civilizations till today, so we aspire to use them with great humility, for they carry profound messages from our ancestors and the nature of the Universe.

It is well known among the adepts, that a single look at a mystic symbol can be powerful enough to literally transform a person’s consciousness, behavior patterns, knowledge and well being.

The ancient sacred symbols have the power to change our lives, for forever, if gazed upon and therein lies their power.

Through the ancient times, several of these sacred mystical symbols were kept secret from the commoners and only the elite and kings had the knowledge of their powers.

But thanks to the modern day internet technology, many of the best kept ancient secrets are able to find a way to reach those who wish to know more about the nature of reality and the deeper aspects of life.

Lets look at the “Ankh Symbol” in this article and its deeper meaning and the esoteric significance associated with it.

The “Ankh” Symbol Spiritual Meaning and Significance

The “Ankh” is also known as the “Eye” or the “Egyptian Cross” or “the looped tau-cross” and denotes fertility and eternal life (immortality ) among other things such as male and female, balance. Else than that it also signifies protection, zest, joy of life, and abundant energy.

The Ancient Egyptians used the ankh to stand for a word meaning life. It is also called crux ansata, Latin for cross-with-a-handle. This special symbol was considered as the key to the tomb that leads to the realm of God like immortality, ie, to the Fields of Alu.

The looped cross feature of the symbol relates its power to give fertility and bestow immortality.

In Egypt, the Ankh symbol was highly revered and considered as the ultimate gift of the Gods to human kind, several hieroglyphs depict the Gods giving the gift of the Ankh to the Kings.

Several Egyptian gods were seen to hold this symbol of power and protection, most notably Isis, who is depicted to be holding the Ankh symbol in the hieroglyphs of the time. This symbol in her hand represents their eternal nature and their positions as the overlords of the humans, keeping a watch on the rest of beings under them.

This symbol has also been known as the key of the Nile.  It was associated with Imkotep, a physician for the Egyptian pharaoh’s family, who perhaps knew the great rejuvenation and healing powers of this symbol.

The Ankh of Anubis is related to the protection of the dead, that of Sekmet, War, Hapi related to the living waters of the Nile and Amen, the spirit God, the breath of life.

Common Uses of the “Ankh” Symbol

The Ankh symbol has been used widely for protection from harm, as a symbol to enhance fertility and as a tool to induce the facilities of clairvoyance among other less known uses.

As Symbol of Protection

The Ankh symbol has been used for receiving divine protection and in ancient Egypt, several of the tombs of the Kings had the Ankh symbol engraved on the walls for protection to the dead.

Placing the symbol on the front door of the house or inside, or even carrying it, is known to attract divine protection and remove any harmful vibrations from the vicinity.

People continue to use the Ankh symbol as a charm or a tattoo for its protection powers.

As Symbol of Fertility

This symbol is noted for its use and to represent the union of a man and woman and can be said to symbolize the “creation of new life” resulting from the union.

According to one of the theories regarding the origin of the ankh, the symbol might be the combination of the male and female symbols representing Osiris and Isis, the cross and the oval, respectively.

As Symbol of  Clairvoyance

The Ankh has been used as a symbol for clairvoyance and the ability to see into the other bands of reality and dimensions. If placed in between the eyes, the symbol means that the one placing it, now has the power of clairvoyance and can see the world beyond this basic 3D world.

The Ankh can also be considered now as the lock on the mind for the one who sees, to be aware of his duty and to keep the secrets, that, these superior powers and knowledge holds from the others who are not deserving of it, to prevent misuse.

The Egyptian Ankh as a Satanic Symbol

In the study of Satanism, the Egyptian Ankh symbol is known to represent the path to the soul and the heart chakra in Satanism. The glyph for the planet Venus was derived from the ankh. Both the planet Venus and the heart chakra are of Astaroth. (Source)

Magic and the power of Ankh

This is a fascinating and rare documentary on the Ankh and its metaphysical uses that I discovered while researching. I urge you to go through the documentary below.


This powerful mystical symbol has been able to successfully maintain its popularity across the ages and is still a highly regarded and sought after symbol in the modern times for its powers.

Feel free to share the article and information with others if so desired.

Love, light and peace to all!


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The "Ankh" Symbol Spiritual Meaning and Significance
The "Ankh" Symbol Spiritual Meaning and Significance
This article on Spiritual symbols, discusses the spiritual significance of the "Ankh symbol" and its deeper esoteric and hidden meaning.
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