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Agate is the crystal of balance and self acceptance. This well known healing stone is known to balance the yin and yang energies in the body and bring stability to your life.

Agates come in several beautiful colors including – Clear, Milky white, Grey, Blue, Green, Pink and Brown. Some of the Agates such as Blue Lace Agate, Moss Agate, Dendritic Agate, Fire Agate and Botswana Agate have a distinct identity of their own.



Agate Crystal - Metaphysical properties - Healing Crystal Agate

Agate Crystal – Metaphysical properties – Healing Crystal Agate

Different types of the crystal have different healing abilities for the body and mind. They are known to occur in all mineral environments, but are most prevalent – in igneous rocks such as – basalt.

Agates are most often dyed to enhance the colors of the crystal. This is especially true of Agates from Brazil.

Healing Crystal Agate

Mineralogy: SiO2 – Banded micro crystalline form of the mineral Quartz (silicon dioxide, trigonal, primary – Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic)

Bright neon colors such as bright blue and red are rarely natural for Agates.

Agate Crystal Healing Properties

Spiritual and Physical Benefits of  Agate : (SP)Enhances inner stability, composure, maturity (S) protection, warmth, security, self-confidence (M) sense of reality, pragmatic thinking (B) for the eyes, helps in digestion, cures stomach infections, intestines etc., improves circulation in blood vessels and skin, protective stone during pregnancy, protection during traveling, overcomes negativity and bitterness, effective against traffic accidents.

Places Found: United States, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Kaczawski Mountains at Nowy Kosciol and Ploczki Gorne in Polan and Italy.

Feel free to share your stories and experience on using this healing stone.

Love and light to all of you!

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Agate, The Crystal Stone of Balance and Self Acceptance
Agate, The Crystal Stone of Balance and Self Acceptance
This article talks about the crystal healing stone Agate, the stone of self protection and healing.
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