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Actinolite or cat’s eye is a somewhat rare and translucent stone of the chatoyant actinolite type. Actinolite, this name was coined from the Greek word Aktis meaning “light beam” or “a ray”, because of the mineral’s look. The gemstone also seem to look like the eyes of a cat, hence the name Cats Eye too.

The name for Cats Eye or  ‘Actinolite’ was derived from the Greek word for ‘ray’ or ‘beam’, which refers to its fibrous nature. These fine fibers allow actinolite to exhibit the rare ‘cats eye effect’. In the Indian sub continent these stones are also known as Lahsuniya.

Cats Eye Benefits - Crystal Healing Stone

Actinolite or Cats Eye Benefits – Crystal Healing Stones


In Vedic astrology, Cats Eye is highly revered.

Many astrologers insist that this gemstone should only be worn upon recommendation by an astrologer who knows your birth chart well.  Cat’s Eye is the gemstone for  ‘Ketu’ or South Node ( Western Astrology ) and also known as ‘Dragon’s Tail’ as it is the headless lower body of the shadow planet Rahu ( North Node ).

Cats Eye Benefits ( Stone To Prevent Accidents and For Success )

Mineralogy: chain silicate of the Amphibole group (monocl., tert.). Actinolite or Cat’s Eye is an amphibole silicate mineral and belongs to a series of minerals ranging from iron-rich tremolite to magnesium-rich ferro-actinolite amphiboles.

Availability: Somewhat Rare.

Cats Eye Benefits ( Actinolite Crystal Healing Properties )

Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Actinolite: makes a person straightforward in his or her attitude, assists in new orientations, increases determination, promotes self-esteem,  maintains inner balance, protects from the malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu Dashas, prevents sudden accidents and misfortunes, strenghten nerves and the body of the wearer, balances the emotion, gives good fortune and success in business, helps pursue personal aims appropriately, stimulates activities of the liver, known to cure imbalances of Mars in the horoscope, helps deal with all challenges effectively, aids in kidney function, aids in growth of the body.

You can wear this gemstone around your heart chakra for aid in curing diseases such as paralysis and leukemia.

The power of this gemstone ( Cats Eye )  could be predicted by its smoothness, brilliance, high specific gravity and whether it has, clear, three streaks of light similar to the sacred thread.

 Places Found: The Cats Eye stone is found in parts of Taiwan, Canada,  Madagascar, Tanzania, and the United States.

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Cats Eye Benefits ( Stone To Prevent Accidents and For Success )
Cats Eye Benefits ( Stone To Prevent Accidents and For Success )
Actinolite or cat's eye is a healing crystal stone which is somewhat rare. It is a translucent stone that promotes self esteem and determination.
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