We heartily welcome you to Divine Mantras. This platform is our humble initiative to present you the reader with various Indian Vedic prayers and various mantras, Upanishad articles on life and death, rare tantras, Indian Vedic yantras, Lal Kitab remedies for health and money, ayurveda remedies for health and paranormal remedies from Hinduism and Buddhist origins.

Along with the topics mentioned above, we also like to talk about ancient gods and goddesses, demons, beings from the astral world, aliens, non duality and the various other phenomenons of nature and consciousness. All in all our aim is to provide everyone who visits this site with 100% free and rare helpful spiritual information intended to help benefit them.

We are a 100% free website and we believe that every one has the rights to a good living in these times. One should never have to pay to know more about spirituality and or mantras.

Everyone should have the right to this information and that too free of cost so that every one has the power to use them to change their life for the better. Do let us know what types of mantras or remedies you want and we will try to find and publish it on the website. Contact us on our Facebook page.

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  • 8/14/2017 – The user discussion forum is finally back and loading correctly after all the hassles we were facing. We worked consistently for a week to make sure that the forum now loads up to 38 % faster than previously and able to handle large server loads. For the users of our forum ~ you can now log in to your forum account using your former credentials. For problems logging in please contact us via our Facebook page.
  • 8/8/2017 – Finally, after all these wait, we were able to migrate our servers to SSD ones with more performance which would mean that the site loads faster on your end too. We wish this improves the user experience even more.


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