A Powerful Shabar Mantra For Getting a Beautiful Wife

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Beauty can be both inner and outer. This mantra I am giving today in this article will assist you to find a beautiful wife.

Shabar mantras are known to act fast and do the job often quicker than other mantras. Thus, if you are unable to find the desired lady then I advise you to try out this very powerful Shabar mantra for getting a beautiful wife.

As humans in this 3D plane of existence, most of us long to find someone whom we can love and who can love them back. Unlike the higher realities of existence, all third dimensional relationships were built to break themselves.  Michelle Walling sums up the difference between 3 D and 5 D relationships very well.

Lets take a look, as I believe that the information presented below would be relevant to all of you when it comes to creating a new relationship or grow an existing one.

A Note on 3rd Dimensional Relationships & 5th Dimensional Relationships

Our primary goal as third dimensional human beings here, was to experience separation, loss, pain and fear, till the time we can cultivate the true essence of our spirit nature which has the ability to place us back in our multi dimensional higher dimensional / 5D existence.

As humans agreed to participate in this huge experiment of amnesia that required our entire civilizations to find its way back to its source of its own free will.  Humans are experts in suffering as we took this task here on earth quite seriously and became quite skilled in hurting ourselves and the nature to support our experiments.

We learned to destroy the divine connection rather than honor it for what it is, to the point that we were in danger of destroying our civilization and the world in which we lived. All in all we forgot our true multidimensional and creative nature and thus became trapped in the confusion and inner wars.

Powerful Shabar mantra for getting a beautiful wife - divine mantras

Fifth dimensional relationships are built to sustain themselves.  They eternally exist within the context of Creation and their experience on the Earth plane is one of re-connection with our divine nature, the essence of our being.

Your fifth dimensional soul family supported your journey on Earth through an ignorant human mind, by providing you with a group of beings who incarnated with you over and over again.  Known as your Soul group, these individuals played different familial and community roles over your multiple incarnations always supporting your growing evolutionary awareness that there is more to life than fear and pain.

Because your human mind could not conceive the soul connections and the divine ties continually supporting it, you felt abandoned, alone, and quite often emotionally tortured through specific patterns  of behavior lifetime after lifetime.

Thus its time to get up and realize your true multi dimensional nature.

Until you realize and can move away from the 3D plane of behavior, till then it would be more than tough to find that great relationship you have been waiting for all your life, in this 3D plane of existence.

Yes it might be a bit tough at first but the good news is that with some practice you can create magnificent 5D relationships on this earth plane that gives you unconditional love, inner support and all that your heart desired in a relationship.

Unlike 3D relations,5th dimensional relationships generate freedom and joy.  The unconditional love from which fifth dimensional relationships emerge creates change by offering an environment in which the opportunities for evolutionary development are gracefully accessed and successfully utilized by all involved.

Thus the soul intimacy is created from a deep sense of purpose and meaning within our connected-ness.  It is based in the reality of our inherent oneness and permeates our individual lives in uniquely sacred ways.

5th dimensional relationships are always purposeful.  They are never casual nor do they waste an ounce of our life-force on concerns that are significant only in the third dimensional world.

Fifth dimensional relationships are no longer a dream on this Earth plane.  They are realities that we create each day by choosing higher dimensional responses to lower third dimensional experiences.

Developing your personal fifth dimensional relationships is the perfect place to start experiencing the reality of fifth -dimension which is unconditional love and pure joy.

As you do, you pioneer the way for others to grow into the courage and grace you are lovingly offering to the world right now. You can read more about this and the differences between 3D relations and 5D relations here )

Enough said, I will write more on the differences between 3 D and 5 D on another dedicated article, lets now go and look at the Shabar mantra to get a beautiful wife and conclude this article.

Shabar Mantra For Getting a Beautiful Wife ( Mantra in English )

Om Kaamroop Kamini Tribhuvan Mohini Sundari Rati Aave Saat Tala Tod Saat Dwaar Khol Haajar Ho Mera Kahiyo Kare Mere Ghar Rahe Mera Yeh Karaj Na Kare To Guru Gorakhnath Ki Duhai Mer Bhakti Guru Ki Shakti Furo Mantra Ishwarovacha ||

Shabar Mantra For Getting a Beautiful Wife ( Mantra in Hindi )

ॐ कामरूप कामिनी त्रिभुवन मोहिनी सुन्दरी रति आवे सात ताला तोड़ सात द्वार खोल हाज़र हो मेरो कहियो करे मेरे घर रहे मेरा यह कारज़ न करे तो गुरु ग़ोरखनाथ की दुहाई मेरी भक्ति गुरू की शक्ति फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरोवाचा ॥

Procedure to do the Kamaksha Shabar Mantra For Getting Beautiful Wife

  1. Start the mantra japa from any Friday of the week. This is because this is a love mantra and Friday is the day of Venus / Kaam deva.
  2. Take a bath, wear clean white clothes.
  3. Site on a white asana ( Sit )
  4. Worship Lord Shiva by lighting an oil lamp in front of his Linga or picture ( whatever you may have )
  5. Start to perform the mantra chant.
  6. 5 rosaries ( any rosary can be used ) of mantra to be performed continuously for 21 days.
  7. Once procedure is done, donate something to young girls in your neighborhood.


This Shabar mantra for getting a beautiful wife is quite easy to do and extremely powerful, this mantra to get married can be used to find a beautiful wife by the practitioner of this.

That is it. Hope the additional information published in this article will help you along with the mantra in finding the one you always desired to have.

Feel free to share this mantra to get a beautiful wife and please like our Facebook page.

Ask us if you have questions below.

Have a good day!


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