A Powerful Mantra To Top In Exams ( Success in Exams )

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We all wish to do better in our exams but mght get stuck at times or unable to achieve our goal. If you are looking to become a topper in any exam, then this Rama mantra will help you achieve just that.

Be it almost any exams, this powerful mantra to top in exams will assist you in reaching your objective unhindered.

This mantra mentioned today in this article is a divine mantra of Lord Rama and was taken from the famous Ram-charit-manas.

The predictions in Ramacharitamanas Prashnavali or Sri Ramashalaka Prashnavali (राम शलाका प्रश्नावली) are based on the Chopais (couplets) from ‘Shee Ram Charit Manas’ or “Ramayana” composed by the 16th-century Indian bhakti poet Goswami Tulsidas.

Mantra To Top In Exams - do well in exams - cbse - icse - upsc - civil exam topper mantra

Mantra To Top In Exams – do well in exams

The Ramayana Prashnavali has often been used across the centuries to get answers to many questions, predict the outcome of new endeavors, overcome double-mindedness, resolve doubts and select the right path since those ancient Vedic times when they were conceived.

This mantra will help you to get good marks in exams or to top exams when competition is high.

Okay now lets look at today’s mantra to do well in any exams or become a topper.

A Powerful Mantra To Top In Exams ( Exam Success Mantra )

Mantra in English
Guru Griha Gaye Padhan  Raghurayi ।
Alp  Kaal  Vidhya  sab  payi ॥
Mantra in Hindi
 गुरु   गृह  गए  पढ़न  रघुराई ।
अल्प काल विद्या सब  आई ॥

Procedure for doing this mantra to become a topper in exams

  1. Get up, take a bath and wear clean clothes
  2. Take a picture or statue of Lord Rama and light a diya ( oil light ) made of pure ghee in reverence before the picture of the deity.
  3. Recite this Rama mantra a minimum of 108 times daily for a continuous period of 21 days to attain siddhi.
  4. Visualize that you are worshiping the lord dearly for some time.
  5. Chant this mantra to top in exams – everyday for a minimum of 10 – 20 minutes before getting to study for that exam.
  6. If possible, then do chant this mantra on the day of the exam.

Make sure you also take some time out and do your studies. Remember to be honest and grateful for what you are doing to yourself.

This mantra is not to be taken as a replacement for studies. Rather you should use this mantra coupled with your determination and preparation so this mantra can become the most effective.

This is a powerful mantra, that is calling upon the great energy of Lord Rama to help you do better in exams, or get the best marks.

That is mostly it. Hope that this mantra to top in exams will help you achieve your ambition.

Feel free to share this mantra to become a topper in exams and ask us if you have questions below.


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A Powerful Mantra To Top In Exams ( Mantra For Success in Exams )
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