Powerful Mantra to Cure all types of Skin Diseases

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Some of you might suffer from skin ailments or skin problems and this mantra that I am providing today will be helpful for them. This mantra will cure and remove most sorts of skin diseases.

Skin disease are common in hot, tropical places such as the Indian subcontinent and can be the cause of utter pain and embarrassment for the ones who do get them.

Mantra to remove skin disease ( Cure Skin Disease )

Mantra to remove skin disease ( Cure Skin Disease )

This mantra mentioned here is known to cure and remove any such skin diseases..

Mantra To Remove ( Cure ) Skin Disease ( In English )

Om khm bhum Om ||

Mantra To Remove ( Cure ) Skin Disease ( In Hindi )

ॐ ख भूं ॐ  ||

Procedure of doing this Mantra To Remove Skin Disease ( Cure Skin Ailments )

  1. Recite the mantra before a Shiva Linga.
  2. Light a Sandal Wood before the Shiva Linga while you recite the mantra.
  3. Apply the ash ( that falls ) from the Agarbatti ( Incense stick ) on the affected skin areas.
  4. Keep on doing the mantra japa while you apply the ash on your skin.
  5. Keep doing the japa for some time then end it by praying to Shiva to heal your skin.
  6. Do the entire process for some days until you feel the areas are healing and have healed.

That is the mantra part. I also advise you to take daily baths and to wear clean cotton or linen clothing in the summer if you are suffering from any sort of skin ailments as that will allow you some relief.

Also make sure you have access to clear drinking water across the day and clean non spicy food to allow your body remove and cleanse itself of any excess toxin.

That is mostly it, make sure to pass on this powerful mantra to remove skin disease to anyone around you suffering from the same.

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Powerful Mantra To Remove Skin Disease
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This is a powerful mantra to remove and cure most types of skin diseases.
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