A Very Powerful Surya Mantra For Job ( Mantra For Success and Abundance )

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Surya deva is worshiped across the world by aspirants to get fame, prosperity and abundance in their life. If you are looking for a better job or even jobless at the moment, you can use this Surya mantra for job to get your dream job.

Lord Surya is one of the three chief gods in the Vedas. He is known as the celestial form of fire itself and all the source of life in this planet. The famous Gayatri mantra is dedicated to him. By appeasing him you can get a life full of abundance, comfort and fame.

surya mantra for fulfilling desires 3 - surya mantra for job

One thing I would suggest if you use this mantra for job and prosperity is to lead an austere life. By living an austere life I mean staying away from tamasic substances such as meat, alcohol, drugs, sensual pleasures and smoking.

Living a disciplined sattvic life as this will help provide you the best benefit from this mantra for job and abundance.

Surya Mantra For Job – Mantra For Abundance

Surya mantra for fulfilling desires - mantra for job and success

Surya beej mantra for prosperity – mantra for job and success

Its better to start this Surya mantra for job and prosperity from any Sunday morning, as Sunday is the day of the Sun God himself. Start by taking a bath, wearing clean white dress and face the East.

Chant six rosaries of this Surya mantra everyday for fame and abundance and continue for a period of forty one days to start seeing the positive effects in your life.

As mentioned in the paragraph before – if you wish to appease Surya deva – it is best to avoid things such as meat, eggs, Masoor dal ( Red Lentil ), Onions, Garlic, Alcohol and smoking during this period of forty one days (41 days ) that you do this ritual mantra for prosperity.

Its good to have faith and belief in yourself and in this Surya mantra for job and success as this will only help fasten things on your behalf.

Do let me know if you have any questions about this Surya mantra for abundance.

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Very Powerful Surya Mantra For Job ( Mantra For Abundance )
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